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Thread: Wearing in public.

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    Default Wearing in public.

    I wore diapers in public today, It was the best feeling ever, got really nervous but I don't think anyone realized, I wrote drynites so there not really bulky, i have light bladder leakage, and didn't want to smell like urine.

    It was for a total of 30 minutes, I was rather nervous.

    Should I do it more often?

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    It gets easier the more you do it. No one is going to notice a Drynite on you unless you make a spectacle of yourself. Enjoy the personal experience.

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    Amazingly It made me feel less anxious than I usaully do

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    Well you have nothing to fear, I wear bulky premium diapers with boosters every day, work, shopping etc. I wear for medical reason, but no one ever said a thing, dress accordingly and no one will see you are wearing a diaper, not even when it's soaked and sagging.

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    Yeah aye, it gives me a peace of happiness and sense of identity, real amazing feeling that can't really be described

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    it took me a while to get use to wearing in public, now I wear cloth diapers 24/7. I don't think most people even care what most people wear.

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    This is the first time I wore in public, the down side is, I had a constant boner, however thank goodness the diaper doesn't make it noticeable.

    Sadly I couldn't pee them, cause I didn't need to pee

    Diapers FTW.

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    I did the same today, and legitamately forgot cos I was too focussed on grocery shopping :P

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    I did forget that I was wearing one, however It kept coming into mind

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