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Thread: I'm terrified she's not gonna make it

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    Default I'm terrified she's not gonna make it

    My grandma is having neck surgery Thursday for her pinched nerves and I'm terrified that she's not gonna make it. I've been crying and crying and crying but its not really helping. I distract myself but the tears are always just at the tip of my eyes. I'm terrified because I love her more than anyone else in the world and I can't fathom living without her.

    I'm just so scared and I don't want her to see it. I'm worried that I'm going to break down at the hospital and make her worry more...I have to stay strong.

    How can I stay strong? <3

    Support/kind words/anything needed.

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    I am sorry to hear your grandmother is having surgery. Hope it goes well. Just think about how much better she will be after the surgery is successful. Pinched nerves must be horrible.

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    Try and relax and have confidence in the Drs ... Hospitals are very good now and she will be very closely monitored. I'm sure she'll be in very caring hands.

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    I know of three people who have had neck surgery and all survived. Doctors these days are amazing and I'm sure she is in good hands. For you keep thinking positive thoughts. Read or do online activities during the surgery to keep your mind off of the procedure. Positive thoughts for you and your family! Keep us posted!

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    No doubt your grandma loves you and is trying to be as strong as she can for you. She knows you've been crying. There is no shame in that. It is to be expected. She knows you love her and that is helping her cope. Tears or no tears, your presence is what matters. Try to save some of your tears for something other than your questionable fortune telling abilities. (wink and a hug)

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    It can be easy to assume the worst in these situations in hope that it'll prepare you if it actually happens. But you have to keep hoping and staying positive, try and focus your mind on how good it will be if she makes it through fine (which she probably will, as others have said, doctors and medicine today are better than they ever have been).

    When I was in hospital a few months ago, probably the thing that got me through it the best was my mum coming in every day with a positive attitude and talking with me about all the stuff we could do once I got out.

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    How old is she? A friend of mine who I work with is in his 70's and had a neck surgery, came through just fine. Doctors are generally really good at what they do, surgeons don't get to where they are without being good.

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    I hope everything went well.

    A simple pinched nerve surgery is not a dangerous procedure, and they just go in and remove what ever is up against the nerve. It is usually cartilage or other little fragments of things that encroached the nerve.

    Our prayers are with you.


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    If it helps, my aunt was 90 when she had open heart surgery to replace a heart valve, and she did quite well. Neck surgery almost always goes well. A couple of years ago I had back surgery to repair a tear in the inner lining of my spine and I was home the next day, and going for a walk down our street. The only danger would be administering the anesthesia, and those people are very well trained and very skilled. Your grandmother should be fine.

    You'll find your strength because you will want to be strong for your grandmother. I've been strong for my wife, even when she had her right leg amputated almost a year ago. She was very upset when she got the news, and I made a promise to her that I would do whatever it took to make her life work. We do what we must do, and you will as well. I'll be thinking about you and your grandmother.

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