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Thread: Has anyone ordered from dmp?

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    Default Has anyone ordered from dmp?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Mainly about their Sample pack. I was planning on getting one to see what sizes would be best for me for several different things. My main questions are...

    How descreet is their descreet packaging?
    Can you order Multiple sample packs at once with the same things in them?
    How big are the boxes they are shipped in?
    What does it show up as on your credit card?

    The main reason behind the multi sample question is that if i spend more then $25 its free shipping so I could get 3 sample packs for $30.


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    I've ordered Molicares from them and a couple of their reusable products. They are discreet (nothing conspicuous on the outside of the box, but on the inside of the box they sent me, "Molicare Super Medium" was printed on every six square inches; i think they just turned it outside in; be sure to tell them you want it shipped discreetly), boxes are about the size of a bag (so a case, four bags, is two tall, two wide and is vertically oriented, meaning taller than wide), and it shows up as DMP on your statement. I don't see why you couldn't order two sample packs; it's just another few dollars that they make. Email them and ask; they're very friendly.

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    Also, if you order, say three, sample packs, will they contact you after the transaction or send you mail/catalogs or anything like that?

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    I didn't receive any catalogues. If you're owrried, be sure to say you don't want any. If you're really worried, give a false name on the shipping address, so long as you're able to get the package before someone else does. That way, any catalogue will be addressed to someone else.

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    I almost always order from DMP. I always state in the "notes" section of the checkout with something along the lines of, "No catalog or mailings please!"

    Never had anything sent to me other than my package. Their prices are awesome too.

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