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Thread: Depression & Anxiety.

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    Default Depression & Anxiety.

    I feel like I have to release some steam, I haven't been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, though It runs in my family, I've self diagnosed myself, from how I feel all the time leads me to the fact that I have depression and anxiety, and this isn't one of those, Oh, I have anxiety I must be cool type of thing, the constant sadness and the panic attacks I have a swell as the constant worrying about random things that are so little, but effect me so much, one small thing is enough to make me feel suicidal and anxious for no reason even if its illogical.

    The world around me feels like its sick, horrid, terrible, I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots who don't understand me, I have stupid people calling me stupid yet they don't realize how stupid they are, It seems like everyone around me is a self centered, themselves idiot, even if its fact, It must be wrong in there eyes, why are people so cruel?

    I feel like I've lost touch of reality, I feel numb, empty, emotionless, I feel like this sadness will never end, I've felt like this for years, lately this sadness has felt a lot worse, I have no energy or motivation to do anything, and I even underestimate and self doubt myself.

    I feel like everyone is out there to hurt me, and I cannot trust anyone, I think this might have something due to the bullying I went though at one point.

    I learn and understand things faster than my peers, yet I get treated like an idiot.

    What really bothers me is how come terrible people get all the respect and get treated well, there is this one person who is a manipulative horrible person, yet people feel sorry for him when he lies and says he has bipolar, He doesn't have bipolar he is just a douche, how does this person get more respect and get treated better than me.

    I feel like I'm falling to pieces emotionally, I have no energy and just want to sleep all day.

    I feel like my depression is caused by my intellect, I see the world in a different way to most people, and its really sad and depressing seeing it the way I see it, the world seems meaningless and pointless and we are just here, evil people get away with everything, get everything they want, while nice kind people get kicked out of society and treated as evil people.

    There is so much on my mind, I just can't stop thinking or worrying about pointless things.

    Is there anything that will help me, or cheer me up.

    On the bright side, diapers help me cheer up a little, as it alters my mindset to a happy state, seems like diapers are the only thing that do ahaha.

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    Yup, I went through and still largely am going through something similar to this. All you have to do is look back at my posts I made in April and May. Actually don't read them they'll make you feel awful they're really depressing.

    Anyway, yeah I'm similar with some of the anxiety stuff. One thing I could suggest is try to get yourself away from people who make you feel this way. Depending on who they are and where they are (I'm still in school so it's hard for me) but honestly you have to try to get yourself into a positive mindset.

    one way I can suggest is distract yourself by doing something you enjoy. Just try to not have long expanses of time where you're just thinking about stuff, with me that often leads my mind to depressing thoughts.

    If you want you can just spam a bunch of threads to get to EC level and then we can PM and work on this together. I rejected a lot of people when I was feeling like this and I want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes as I did

    remember buddy, however shit things get in real life, remember you alwys have us to support you

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    Hello BluePanda.

    I too have anxiety and depression and the best thing I can suggest is seeing professional help to learn how to deal with it and develop the coping mechanism necessary to make your every day life bearable.

    I would recommend that you take a look at the "School House Rocks Adisc" group.

    I have put one article in there on grounding exercises.
    I will get busy and put more of them in there soon since there is a need.

    But I would also suggest that you look at the 50 tips to ADHD that is there, because there is parts of that that are also recommended for anxiety and depression.

    The other section would be the cognitive problem solving article. Surprisingly enough there is parts of that that applied to myself and was a help to me to learn what I need to do when I am having a problem and it is the lack of social skills that effect the people around me when I am in an anxiety state and forget to "use my words" to calmly talk to my wife instead of snapping at her.

    I hope this helps and if you have any more questions just post them here and I will keep an eye on this thread.


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    Ah, I'll check out that 50 tips to ADHD when I feel a little bit better.

    @Milko, yeah, I feel like my intelligence is a huge factor in my depression as the more I think, the sadder I feel.

    @egor, I'll check out the ADHD thing when I feel a lot better.

    @Milko, Naww, Thanks
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    Depression and anxiety are a horrible pit. I tried so hard to dig myself out, but only got deeper. I needed someone to help me out. Sorry to hear you are struggling now.

    Anxiety and depression twist every thought and emotion. Everything becomes negative. Like you said, you believe everyone is out to get you and you cannot trust anyone. These absolute statements are often false logic and I learned better ways to think. Is it possible most people are too busy with their own life to spend time messing with yours? Feelings get swapped around also. Compliments may be taken as insults. They may not intend to make you feel like an idiot. Some others may be attacking you because they are the slow learner. Depression clouds the truth.

    Congratulations on your intellect. This can bring you great joy and hope in life. Unfortunately, it can also feed anxiety, depression, and fear. What fill your thoughts? Using your intellect will bring joy and thinking about the possibilities will bring hope. Trying to get fools to understand you will bring anxiety, depression, and fear. Some will not understand you; that is fine. Few really understand me; I treasure the ones that do. Temple Grandin was not understood until she could make her message clear to everyone. She only needed a PhD first. I appreciate my special intellect and the special intellect that Grandin has. Can you appreciate yours?

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate knowing I am not alone. It is so easy to get wrapped up in worrying about pointless things like you said. Recognize it as a waste of time and replace it with something better. ADISC is a better place. Glad you are here.

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    I'm going to combine my thoughts with this thread and your other thread, about becoming transgender. I think you need to find the kind of therapist who can also talk to you about being transgender, and whether you should make the transition. I didn't answer the other thread because I don't share those thoughts, so I really have no experience or good advise for you. I do know that it's a lengthy process and you do need a therapist or doctor to guide you through the many steps leading to the transformation.

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    I can relate to the angst felt by the OP. I've been a mess for quite a while. Decades, actually.

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    Thanks for the support guys

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    Like dogboy, I would like to respond to both threads, including the issues of depression and transgender together.

    I've worked for decades advocating for tenants and homeless populations. There has always been a disproportionate number of transgender youth who are either homeless, suffering from depression, and not getting the specialized support they require. They experience a higher rate of harassment in school, unemployment, and risk of experiencing violence. It is one of the most significant civil rights struggles of the twenty first century.

    I've always said (as a gay person myself), that the gay and lesbian movement is about twenty five years behind the women's' movement, and that the transgender movement is about twenty five years behind the gay and lesbian movement.

    Yet through it all, we are seeing signs of hope. There are more high profile people coming forward to share their stories and to serve as role models to younger people. We need them. We need to hear that there are success stories and people who have found happiness and acceptance. Transgender people are getting more organized and they are fighting back against the discrimination. The transgender population is a rich and diverse community, with many inspirational heroes who are coming out of the shadows. There is hope for the future.

    At the same time, there is still a disproportionate number of transgender people at risk of suicide. Here in Ontario, 43% have attempted suicide at least once. Support, counselling and therapy would be strongly recommended. I saw from your profile that you are in Australia. Here is a link to the Australian Transgender Support Association:

    Also, if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, Adisc has a hotline list which you can access here:

    Surround yourself with the help available, and in time you will be proud of the person you are and the potential of the person you will become. In closing, I would also recommend that you see your doctor about this. You've indicated that depression and anxiety are prevalent in your family, so it might be caused by physiological reasons which can be treated and managed.

    Take care, my friend.
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