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    My first premium diapers (Molicare Super Pluses) are coming in tomorrow and I have very recently been having urinary problems. Can't finish going, and every time I do go, I feel like I have to again 5 minutes later. If this doesn't resolve itself in the next week or so, definitely hitting up the doctor. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    Sounds like a UTI...
    That's what I was guessing. Hope so. Don't want anything irreversible.

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    A cruel irony indeed. I see a lot that want to become incontinent and when they finally do it's regrettable. Could be a UTI, Urge Incontinence, an infection, a growth, who knows... See a doc.

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    Make a doctors appointment to see what they say and then ask for an appointment with a urologist, it takes time to get an appointment setup with the urologist so you might as well get in line. If your issue clears up you can always cancel the urologist appointment.

    But once you are recommended to one you can always contact them directly to reset up an appointment if your condition returns.

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