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Thread: The Rainbow Vow

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    Default The Rainbow Vow

    So a while ago me and my Mommy (abdl Mommy) came up with something when we were sad. We called it the rainbow vow. Abby_Cullen said I should post it here, so I am^^

    The sensation of the rainbow declaration;
    Itís the foundation of the rainbow nation.
    A combination of appreciation and admiration,
    The rainbow declaration doesnít take massive concentration!
    Itís simply a vacation from sad approximation.
    The elimination of frustration,
    It takes some imagination but no misinterpretation.
    I need your cooperation in this rainbow proclamation.
    Come join the population of this rainbow association!
    p.s. The contamination of the rainbow declaration is an abomination.

    So this is the rainbow declaration. It states that if you are in the happy rainbow club, you have to try your best not to be sad. You might think itís lame, but if you try it it does always make you smile.

    Who Has Taken The Rainbow Vow

    Original Members:
    Ally (president and princess of rainbows)
    Jamie (vice-president and queen of rainbows)
    Jp (secretary of state of rainbows and prince of rainbows)
    Rob (Al queda of rainbows)
    Ellie (secretary of defense of rainbows)

    People who have joined:
    Baby Mikey (Official taster of rainbows AND mayor of skittle town)
    Katie (department of state and rainbow services)
    Mandi (The Standby princess of rainbows [in case of Princess Ally's death])

    If you want to see the original post of this, it's on my blog

    here is the direct link:
    Rainbow Vow AllyManderís Blog

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    I love the idea of this. Just the whole aspect about being happy and stuffs, so yeah, I took the vow. =D I'm rad like that.

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    I want to join, sounds like fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsukuni View Post
    I want to join, sounds like fun
    Make a sign!

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    Yeah, you are supposed to make a sign, check the post on my blog.. a lot of people have gotten over on it though lol their membership is currenlty "pending" i suppose

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    Matrix Blade


    It sounds like a good idea and motive for someone. I'd take the vow, but it looks like mainly older people and girls are making the vow, and I don't want to be out of place (Dang Peer Pressure). So, for now, I'll just encourage the idea.

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    If you ask any of my friends, they would sware I was already in the club. All of my friends come to me when they're sad because I make them feal better by always being happy and making them look on the brite side.

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    Matrix, dude, take the vow if you want! There isn't a set age limit or gender to taking it. :P

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