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Thread: Which diapers are the LOUDEST/Quietest???

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    Default Which diapers are the LOUDEST/Quietest???

    The LOUDEST Diapers I have worn that were plastic backed:
    1. Dry Comforts
    2. Longs Overnight
    3. Longs overnight after revision

    What were the Loudest and the quietest diapers you have worn???*

    *No cloth backed diapers.

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    I would have to rate Attends w/6-tapes & waistband as the loudest diaper I've ever worn. They crinkle like nobody's business.

    Second I would say the Secure/Bambino line... that tough front landing zone makes some noise too.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Attends 6-tape is the loudest I've worn. Molicare Super is the quietest.

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    Attends used be somewhat crinkly, but I don't think as much as these two:

    Depends, when they were the white plastic (are they still?), and before that when they were the ugly green color.

    Several years ago, the brand from HDIS called Reassure was plastic, and they were seriously crinkly, and proudly advertised their presence. I liked that, but it also made them not exactly suitable for wearing out and about except in front of people whom I'd be unlikely to run into again. And the diapers were just so-so, with only fair absorbency.

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    My experience was Depend, before the cloth like backing.

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    I have found some Promise brand diapers that are pretty loud. I agree old Attends were pretty noisy, and also my favorite.

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    Agreed. Louder than depends easily. Quite possibly the perfect diaper rustle. Shame they're not making them anymore.

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