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Thread: Dry 24/7 in Public /Compared to Abena M4

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    Default Dry 24/7 in Public /Compared to Abena M4

    Can you wear medium Dry 24/7 diapers in public? I am of quite slim build and want to be discrete. I have worn Abena M4 before and found them quite bulky, are Dry 24/7s as bulky or more bulky?

    Also sometimes I worry if I bend over the diaper will show, does the band/back of the Dry 24/7 look discreet or does it have medical markings on it and a bulky look like the Abena M4? The final thing I am concerned about is the crinkle sound.

    Please let me know what you think, also I like wearing jeans.

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    Of all of the different brands of diapers I have worn I will not wear Dry 24/7 in public as I feel it is just too bulky through the crotch and back. Others may disagree but for me it is much more noticeable than the abena or bambino etc.

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    I haven't worn an Abena 4 in a long time, but I use Dry 24/7s all the time. In fact, I wore one to a movie just yesterday and had a lovely time. Are they bulky? Yep, more so than an Abena. Are they noticeable? If you wear snug pants and tuck in your shirt, probably to anyone who might be looking and knows what he's looking at, yes. But if you wear loose-fitting pants and let your shirt hang out to camouflage the bulge, no one will be the wiser.

    Let me put it this way: My wife knows about my thing for diapers, but definitely wants nothing to do with them. She has seen me in all kinds of diapers--including Dry 24/7--over the years, but to the best of my knowledge, has never been aware of it.


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    I wear dry 24/7's 24/7 yes they are a bit bulkier then the Abena M4 but manageable, I wear a longer shirt and have had no one notice (at least no one has said any thing)

    I look at it this way the dry 24/7's fit me the best, are comfortable and absorbant. I have no choice but to wear so I might as well wear somthing I can trust.

    I have tried one size up pants and that helps with the extra bulk, underware over my diaper cuts down on the crinkle.
    Every one is built differently and depending on how tight you jeans are diapers will always be more noticeable, try cargo pants or shorts they help hid the bulk. But if you like to wear only jeans try wearing a dry 24/7 wity under ware over them and see how they look with your jeans. Ask a few people you trust if they notice any thing or you could always try wearing them in a different area ie town then you normaly go and see how they feel in public.

    Going with a Abena M2 will make your diaper thinner but cut down on the absorbancy, they may work better with your jeans.

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    I tend to only buy the bigger "premium" diapers so that's what I wear when I go out in public.

    Honestly the bulk of dry 24-7's vs abena is negligible under clothes. If you wear either one you need to be aware of what you choose to wear over them.

    I've never had a problem wearing either one in public no ones ever noticed that I can recall.

    Another thing about wearing bulkier diapers that I think is a positive that people don't tend to talk about is hat the bulkier diapers tend to crinkle less.

    So I guess there's a trade off of bigger bs thinner.

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    I felt the same way that the 24/7s being bulkier would be more noticeable, but there were a few occasions I ran out of M4s for outings. I did wear the 24/7s out and no one noticed. Just don't wear tight or spandex clothes over them and it really doesn't show them off. My roommate only says it looks like I have a huge member with bulkier diapers.

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