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Thread: I'm BluePanda from Australia.

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    Default I'm BluePanda from Australia.

    Hello, I'm BluePanda from Australia, I'm a transgendered ABDL with a interest in IT and gaming

    Although I'm a closeted transwoman, I love femininity, I get jealous when there are girls who have better bodies than me and fantasize about my inner female, If that makes some sense, really hard to act male if you're female on the inside :/

    I love diapers as they are like a "pathway" to my inner self, I've always had an attraction to them, no clue why, either way diapers are awesome, I love the girly goodnites / drynights.

    I do cross dress as it feels natural to me, Like I'm supposed to, Its like the diaper feeling, It's like a part of you that manifests itself into your daily life.

    I'm closeted because of the amount of hate towards transwoman, on the inside I feel more female than male, I'm a very emotional girl, I just hide it.

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    Hi BluePanda, we share half our name hehe

    We also share an interest in IT, though I havent followed it. Are you planning on studying for a career in IT?

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    Studying? It would have to be a area that I wouldn't know anything in, since I have a background in web programming and server administration, I might consider getting one in networking? I'm pretty much self taught.

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