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Thread: Do you think being ABDL is genetic?

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    Default Do you think being ABDL is genetic?

    I was having a conversation with another ABDL on kik recently and he said "you better go easy on your kid when he tells you he is abdl." Of course I asked what the heck that meant and he said that things like ABDL, homosexuality, etc were all heredity and offsprings of said groups have a much higher chance of being in the same group. Not that I would have a problem with one of my kids being ABDL, but I find it hard to believe that it's genetic. He said there is scientific proof. What do you guys think?

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    No. That's like saying you're genetically predisposed to liking oranges. I'd like to see his "scientific proof". When and what was it published in?

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    Until any factual evidence comes to light, I say no, but I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. Of course I base that on an ABDL I know who's father is also an ABDL, but that may just be a coincidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boobybird89 View Post
    That is perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
    I've heard stupider...

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    If homosexuality was hereditary it would die out pretty quickly.... Think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    If homosexuality was hereditary it would die out pretty quickly.... Think about it.
    Hahaha!!! I spit my coffee out....thanks

    I wouldn't say that AB/DL is hereditary, but probably more of how you were raised, what the surroundings were growing up and stuff like that.

    I too would like to see the scientific evidence.

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    So just to be clear, hereditary and genetic are different things. Hereditary means inherited from the parents. Genetic means it's something born in your DNA. It's hard to say if homosexuality is hereditary, I've never seen any studies on the question. It could be despite babymt's joke if, for example it were recessive in the same manner as blue eyes or blond hair (two parents with brown eyes can both carry the blue eye gene). Homosexuality is genetic: people don't control who they find attractive and it's not something they can "get rid of" despite how much some people wish that were true.

    ABDL is hard to say. It's impossible for it to be truly genetic because diapers as an invention are way too recent for that sexual fetish to be born in. However, it is totally possible that a predilection to imprinting on an object sexually at a young age IS genetic and ABDLs are a subset of people with that genetic predilection who imprint on baby objects (as opposed to, say, breasts, feet, leather, redheads, etc.). It's also possible that, if the predilection to sexually imprint at a young age is genetic, it could also be hereditary. That would suggest, though not prove, that ABDLs are more likely to have children with some kind of fetish themselves.

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    As defined by Archie, heredity can pre-determine how you behave. My mom had a problem which I consider to be OCD in nature and I'm OCD about things (diapers, money, Star Wars) myself. So although a child may not have the same behaviors as his parent, there could be similar patterns of behavior. Now if a child sees his parent in a diaper and pacifier, the child may want to be like his parent and then it becomes a learned behavior.

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    I honestly think it's due to early childhood stress. How susceptible you are to stress can be influenced by genetics. I feel it is a far more probable then people in this thread are making it out to be.

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