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Thread: How do I create a wiki page

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    Default How do I create a wiki page

    I would like to create a wiki page, but cant find a guide, could someone please tell me how to or post a link to a guide, thanks.

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    I was talking about the adisc wiki, and had already read that page while looking for answers myself, as I don't post before searching myself, and cant find the info I want.
    My theory is that you have to be a VIP before you can add a page, as I am not. If that is not the case can you tell me how.

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    The wiki runs on the mediawiki software, hopefully The integration hasn't changed too many things, it should work like this:
    Help:Starting a new page - MediaWiki

    Otherwise, give dannytheninja a poke if you are still having difficulty, as he is the 'wiki-mod'.

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    First you have the URL: "" and after that, you put the title that you want for your page. Say you want a page on Kittens (which is not what should be in the Wiki...), then you have ""

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    I created the page but now I have 2 more problems i cant seem to fix,

    1. my text is in a ugly blue box

    2. I can't get my pic in

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    I've fixed it for you. You needed to upload the picture to the Wiki to put it into the Wiki. As far as your article goes, I believe that Danny doesn't want first person reviews (no "I liked", "To me", etc), so you might want to try to fix that. As for the box, I fixed that too. I think it was put there when you were trying to embed and image.

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    Thanks for fixing the article, but for future reference, how do you upload an image to the wiki directly, and I will rewrite the article right now.

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    On the left toolbar thing, there is a link to "Upload File" click that, and upload your thing. Then, to put the picture in the thing, just do the image code thing, and have the title of the picture where you had the URL.

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