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Thread: Parent found one of my diapers.

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    Question Parent found one of my diapers.

    I live with my mother and she found a used diaper of mine in the bin this morning and questioned me about it. She thought it was for medical reasons and said she would book me a doctors appointment but I told her they weren't for medical reasons but she didn't understand. She has gone out for the day and said she wants to talk when she comes back.
    She seems like a tolerant person but I do not know how to explain this to her. I suffer from social anxiety and really panic at the thought of coming out as gay to her and this just seems a hell of a lot worse. The most annoying thing is that she was planning to go out today before and I was going to properly dispose of the diaper after she had left... I just really need some advice and tips on what to say.

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    Is there any advice anyone can give? I don't want to sound pushy but I have no idea how i'm going to explain this all tonight.

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    Well, it sounds like you want to be open and honest with her, so I'd recommend being open and honest. I'd recommend something like this:

    "Mom, there are two things I think you should know about this: (1) This is personal and private for me, and it's something I enjoy and (2) it has absolutely, positively nothing to do with children. This is something that brings me comfort and happiness and involves no one else. Do you understand? Do you have any questions?"

    Or you could go with the longer conversation, which I won't write out. I don't know what kind of relationship you and your mom have, or how much you feel like telling her. For that matter, I don't know why you're into diapers, since everyone's a little different. Personally, I would use something like the example above to tell her what you think she needs to know (and no more), and let her ask questions that she feels she needs answers to. Let her guide that conversation, rather than you spilling your guts and letting her pick through for the bits she wants.


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    Tough call, but I also agree...without knowing a bit more about your situation it's hard to advise. If you think she can cope with it, tell her as much as you like, but if she's going to freak out, then maybe just tell her that you were experimenting. That you were curious about adult diapers. You know O.O Omg what ... but hey, it sounds plausible, and clearly it's something you would try in private and not expect to be busted. Apologise to her for trying something odd. You know she'll probably buy that....think it's a bit out there, but probably ask you what you thought of it ... Maybe even kind of laugh it off.
    dunno mate, I wish you luck, and I hope I responded in time for you.
    If you do decide to open up more, then take it slow and easy too much too soon may bring on a war.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    And thus we learn the valuable lesson of lying. Should've said it was not yours.

    This might help.

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    Get some postive articles about people liking diapers there are some out there from here have links it will be helpful to you bitter grey comes to mind he has understand infantism.
    Read all you can to you can give her the info that helps you most .
    Good luck .
    My mom walked in one me putting a diaper on so know the feeling.
    She know all about my diapers she doesn't understand but it is some thing we dont talk about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boobybird89 View Post
    Just tell her the truth. Lying isn't gonna help.
    Or better planning and prevention to help prevent an awkward situation next time.

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    This has always been my contingency for if my parents found out: Tell the truth that its not for medical reasons. Its for pleasure. But establish that its highly personal. She wouldn't really understand, it can't be explained, yada yada yada. Just promise that there's nothing wrong, and that they won't ever have to really know about it if you continue, but its something you want to keep to yourself. basically, dodge the talk.

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