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    I was wondering how Meany people here have heard of Aromantic.
    what I have been reading I think I fall under
    Aromantic - Asexual

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    I have asexual friends Not sure if I know any aromantic ones tho.. maybe I do?

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    The first time I read this thread title I thought it was about herbs and spices...

    Aromantic and asexual aren't necessarily the same thing - though the fact that both orientations eschew typical ideas of relationships means that there's some overlap. It's perfectly possible to enjoy sex or experience sexual attraction yet feel no romantic connection to anyone. Similarly, it's possible to have a deep romantic affection for someone, and to be asexual. Whilst I think there's some common ground between aromantics and asexuals, these certainly aren't interchangeable terms.

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    I think I'm not aromantic, I enjoy close company with people and cuddling etc. but I don't have any interest in sex. So I guess I'm kind of asexual-ish.

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    To be blunt, I used identify as an aromantic asexual, then I met Near and in my early 20s fell in love for the first time in my life. I do still identify as asexual.

    I'm sure that there are others who really will never fall in love, but I would say based on my experience that people should never quite rule out the possibility. This stuff can be fluid and the nuances of unusual orientations are not well understood.

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    Probably what I am, I long for some babyfur friends but I have no sexual interests.

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    I consider myself an aromantic asexual, for as long as I could remember I never quite got the idea of romance, it always seemed like too much work for seemingly no reward. People tell me that's it's about the relationship itself that's the reward, but I just don't see it. I'd much rather have very close friends, then one person to dedicate my life to.

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    And the benefit is I save money on Valentine's gifts

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