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    When u r laying on your stomach in bed and wet wont an m4 slowly make it soak into the padding around your bum?

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    No. Once the front of the padding has reached saturation, or if you wet faster than the absorption rate, you will leak out the top of the diaper and soak your abdomen. Lying on your back will allow you to make use of the back of the diaper. Gravity must always into account.

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    Default wetting question

    M4 are the only night time diaper for me.

    If you lie on your front it will wick both directions, but, as Llayden says it will leak eventually as it cannot send it all the way up the back.

    I normally wet on my front and it wicks all the way to the top at the front and a few inches up the back, but not all the way.

    Lying on your back (you have to be pointed down if you're a boy otherwise it goes everywhere) is best for wicking over the whole diaper. I just sleep on my front.

    It's also best to point down on your front (it will take longer to wick all the way up the front), but I prefer pointing up most nights and M4 is the only diaper I can get away with doing this with and not leaking.

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    You should lay on your back (and men point down) to make the best use of your diapers capacity. Also make sure your diaper is folded into a "V" shape (centerline of the crotch pointed at the floor) for best channelling of liquids to the back. If you get a "W" going (like if you wear jeans and the crotch of the jeans causes your diaper to fold upward in the middle of the crotch) you will route the wetness left or right to the cuffs of the diaper, greatly increasing your odds of a leak.

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