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Thread: If messing diapers...

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    Default If messing diapers...

    If messing diapers wasn't smelly and obvious, would you do it while in public?

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    No. The cleanup of messy cloth is too icky and prohibitive for me... And I'd be wary of getting a UTI, given the anatomy of girly private bits. But if I wore disposable, and if I were a boy... I think I'd surely try it at least once.

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    Not my thing, so personally no. Too much work and hassle for me, even if smell weren't an issue. Urine is sterile when it comes out. Fecal matter, not so much.

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    Being IC it happens in public anyways, but if I didn't smell at all that would be a load off my mind(and one in my diaper). x3

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    Take away smell and obviousness, and not only do you virtually remove the risk of being caught, you also remove anything you'd normally be considerate to others about, such as objecting them to the smell etc. If you take that away then really it just becomes a personal decision that doesn't really affect anyone else in any way.

    So, as someone who isn't bothered by the cleanup that much, yeah, I probably would (assuming the situation wouldn't inconvenience myself).

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    Lol I don't see why not. Messing is my main thing so I'd definitely try it a few times if there was absolutely no risk of embarrassment or being rude to others.

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    no way only at home where i can shower afterwards

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    Absolutely I would.

    I like to poop in my diapers so if it couldn't bother others, I would. I wouldn't do it all the time, mainly because, even at home, I don't always mess my diapers. I need to be in the mood to mess my diapers.

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    Immunity to all downsides of being in public? Definite yes.

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