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Thread: Question about the newer Goodnites and Underjams!

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    Default Question about the newer Goodnites and Underjams!

    What is the max that Goodnites would stretch to? My hips are at least 40-something inches wide. A few years ago I used to be able to get them on if I cut the sides a bit (I actually even recall getting them on a few times without doing so, though they were very tight) but now that they're 25% stretchier, I wonder if they will fit me?

    I'm also really curious about Underjams, what is the max they would stretch to?

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    I'm about a 30 and they fit, but are very very tight. Honestly at a certain point, you have to move up to diapers that fit better. I understand Goodnites from a money standpoint but that's it.

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    The sides of Underjams will rip very quickly if your waist or hips exceed 28 inches. So I definitely would not bother with those if I were you. As far as Goodnites are concerned, the new ones are a bit stretchier; however 40 inch hips is probably going to make the sides tear and even if they hold up for a few hours, they are going to be so tight that they won't be comfortable not to mention that being that size they will not be effective and very prone to leaks etc.

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    They leak too because they aren't meant to be super absorbent.

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    I found that they really mean just that they're more stretchy, not that they're any bigger in the waist. I barely fit in S/M and the 25% more stretchy ones fit just as uncomfortably tight. I doubt that a 40-inch waist would fit well into L/XL without elastic extension.

    Underjams have always been a joke elastic-wise so don't bother (I've tried them over the years and they're apparently never going to improve the elastic or make even as wide as Goodnites). If you can extend their elastic, they are superior in terms of absorbency, quality, and quietness (Goodnites seem to be pretty variable in terms of quality). Their prints have always been strange though.

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    My waist is 33" and goodnites fit fine. I do pre stretch them but probably don't need to.
    my issue is getting them over my thighs rather than the waist. I think 35" waist would be close to the limit. anything over is probably over stretching them.

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    Goodnites have quite strong elastic in my experience, since at least 2007 (I remember before that the glue holding the elastic to the absorbent section would come loose, but they've improved that since then). They might stretch to even larger than mentioned here, but it'll be very uncomfortable.

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    Goodnites are much more stretchable/accommodating then underjams

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    At 40" you probably should try something like the Depends pull-ups. I like the Depend Men Real Fit for daytime use. The cheapest I've seen them for by the case is on Amazon.

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    It's weird to read the comments saying GoodNites are stretchier than UnderJams because a few years ago, it was the other way around. I would tend to agree, though. GoodNites have better side panel elasticity but UnderJams have a better fit and feel for me (male). Either brand is a stretch, though.

    Regardless of what sex you are, I would recommend Always Discreet pull-ups if you want to get a good facsimile of the GoodNites/UnderJams experience. My girlfriend and I both really like them.

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