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Thread: Enjoying Sadness?

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    Default Enjoying Sadness?

    I like cold, rainy, dark days and sad music. I also like thunder storms and stuff like that. But not the feeling of sadness just the things that would make others sad. Anyone else experience this?

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    Yeah, I kind of like the cold, rainy, and dark days. I think they have the tendency to pull the little out of me more than the bright sunny days and it's easier to do things outside without the sun beating down. I don't know about sad music though. I tend to like orchestral music which others might consider sad but I find it rather relaxing.

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    Occasionally I enjoy a really good thunder storm. It brings back memories of when I was a kid, living on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey. When I was in college, I suffered from some very severe depression, and I would often play Simon and Garfield. Now, I have days where I have some sort of weird need to revisit that, so I drop a S & G CD into the player and revisit the depression. It's just something I sometimes need to do.

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    I love to visit empty parks in winter nights, it seems something like atmosphere of some videos of Ozzy Osbourne. And love thundering stroms, seems it recharges me in some way.

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    Actually yes, I can really relate to this. In fact, this is something that's really bothered me about myself over the last couple years. Whenever there was something really bad going on in my life that was making me depressed (This happened quite often), I'd just enforce those feelings of sorrow instead of making any attempt to brighten my mood, because I didn't really know how. For some sadistic reason I grew to almost accept that mood and even enjoy it, with the whole "no one could understand what it feels like to go through this" attitude. Very adolescent of me, I know. Looking back, I spent far too much time wallowing in self pity instead of actually living my life. The only thing that really changed all that was developing a thick skin to problems that I have no control over. The same problems are still here but I learned that even though I can't control them they don't have to control me.

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    I enjoy a lot of music and literature which evokes the powerful and often poetic ways sadness manifests itself, but I can't say I ever enjoy being sad or even wallowing in a bit of self-pity. I think sadness is something which can be appreciated and enjoyed via the medium of a good movie or a beautiful downbeat song. But when I actually feel sad, it's just horrible. Plain and simple.

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    I LOVE THUNDER AND RAIN ! Also hail! But hate snow > lol
    This summer has been a dream to me, nothing but rain! I love hiking in this weather

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