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Thread: Diapers (unused) are heavy!

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    Default Diapers (unused) are heavy!

    The last time I bought a case of diapers, the pharmacy also gave me two sample packs of Molicare Super Plus (medium size), each sample pack contains 2 diapers. They're shown here:

    I agreed to send one of the sample packs to an ADISC member to try Molicares, so I grabbed one of those cardboard envelope thingies that Amazon uses to send books (I keep them around when i get sent books), wrapped up the two diapers, taped it up and took it to the post office. Now, since it's an international letter, it's important to keep the weight down, and I wanted to keep it below 500 grams (going beyond that would double postage). So the postal dude put my package on the scales...476 grams!
    I put one single Molicare Super Plus on my scales at home, and it turns out that one diaper alone weighs around 150 grams. For some odd reason, I always thought diapers weighed a lot less. After all, there's just a thin layer of plastic and a bit of fluffy stuff. But I'm surprised that they're so heavy
    So a bag of 14 Molicare Super plus weighs over 2kg then!


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    An interesting factoid Peachy. Diapers are indeed very very bulky. Thus why I always order by the case online... free shipping.

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    Could you Americanize those figures

    I don't know what else to say, the TV is distracting me

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    2.2lbs = 1kg.

    1000g = 1kg.

    So two Molicares weigh about one pound.

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    Aha - I have the solution to my winter-time slump, then!

    *Runs off to go pump diaper packages*

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    Hmm... I'm not very good at estimating weights. But I do know that anything over about 1kg is what I would consider quite heavy. I dunno what's in them that could make it that heavy!

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    Diapers are always super heavy. I've I pick a pack up at the store I feels like I've got several large book in my back pack.

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