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Thread: I found DryNites butterfly & flower prints very cheap to USA

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    Default I found DryNites butterfly & flower prints very cheap to USA

    I happened to come across a DryNites seller with free shipping to USA and only $12 for a 9-pack of girls large. I noticed that someone else had posted about this earlier this year, but that thread is closed and I wanted to confirm that they still are of the special prints Europe gets as compared to the USA. The item photo is was (seller has updated with correct photo!) an old stock one so I took a chance. I tried to contact the seller for a photo of the actual package but they just gave a stock photo of some others. I was overjoyed when this arrived a little over a week later:

    (I can't for the life of me upload this image or get it to appear inline here, sorry)

    I never thought I'd get these prints since they were so expensive to import with all other sellers I've seen. They are the older larger design where whole pant is a little taller, and the padding doesn't go all the way to the top in the back, the way they were in the USA a few years ago.

    I just wanted to mention this in case anyone else in the states has been wanting these but put off by the high price. I'm ordering several more and will post to confirm that they too were all this design (I sure hope they are!).
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    Awesome, I've been really wanting to try these! I'll have to wait a bit though, my move date is right in the middle of the ETA... hopefully they won't sell out in a few days.

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    Awesome, I've been really wanting to try these! I'll have to wait a bit though, my move date is right in the middle of the ETA... hopefully they won't sell out in a few days.

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    I'm so pleased! My second order arrived and they are all the non-USA designs I wanted (I double-checked by looking through the plastic in the packages to be sure the ones inside are what are marked on the outside, because sometimes they change designs without updating packaging). I also got some of the smaller fairy ones just because those are so neat compared to what's here in the USA. No import fees or VAT that I was worrying about when ordering such a big box of stuff overseas. The haul:

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    Weird, the price is back down to $11.99 (it had jumped to $14.99 for a few week there for some reason).

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    wow that's cheap, equivalent to 7.90 at todays rates, I've adverts costing more than that for delivery within the UK! I think the official price is about 5.85 (although sometimes down to 3 at the lowest) and small parcel post is 2.80 within UK (although package might not be 'small', its quite bulky)

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    I've been wanting to try DryNites for some time now. I occasionally wear GoodNites, but they've had the same design for a bit now. So, I just ordered DtyNites from the above seller...we'll see how it goes!

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    I like the colors on those, though I'm not seeing a maximum weight on the package like they have on GoodNites. So if they don't fit me I don't want to burn my money on them.

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    The weight on the package is 27kg-57kg (60-125 lb.) like the USA ones. I just compared and these UK butterfly ones are the same as the USA L/XL ones from a few years ago (the ones from a few years ago had higher waist and not-extra-stretchy elastic, the ones after had lower waist, and the ones after that, the current ones, have stretchier elastic). So if the Goodnites from a few years ago fit, these will. Both have 98 cm waist when stretched a lot between my fingers. Both are 64 cm length (front waist middle to crotch to back waist middle). They are about 20% heavier, 63 g instead of 55 g for the USA one.
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    I ordered a pack because my wife loves goodnites. I can't wait to see her in these!

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    I finally received mine! I can confirm they are still the designs as noted by the OP. They are also thicker and more crinkly than the US version. Satisfied!

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