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    Say the world had a location meant for our kind. A abdl city you might say. What would it be named? Would we gate it? Given that it's an abdl based city. I can guess there would be a few different things about vs. a regular city. One I would assume we would have changing rooms instead of bathrooms for the most part. (There still have to be some if we had caregivers) Two We would have to find a way to dispose of the volume of diapers we would use. We could use diaper companies in more than one way. We could test diapers for them. We could also have rare and unheard of diapers. We could talk abdl companies to moving locations. I have no idea where we would place it. The Mojave was my first idea, but it's mostly ground zero for weapons test and nuclear bombs, so it's not hospitable for us.

    Crazy idea I know, but I've had crazier. I'd like some opinions on this or at least some thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBabyMagicain View Post
    Say the world had a location meant for our kind. A abdl city you might say. What would it be named? Would we gate it? Given that it's an abdl based city.
    It would be named, "Diaper City" but sadly, it would be located right next to Raccoon City. It would therefore, have to be gated with armed guards to protect us from a Zombie attack when Raccoon City has another meltdown. We would generate energy from the methane gas which would be extracted from "Diaper Graveyard", the dump where all the dirty diapers are disposed. Of course, there would be a separate, but beautiful landscaped, French Quarter called "Cloth Diaper Square" for all those who wear cloth diapers and use plastic pants.

    One of the big features in Diaper City would be the playground called, "Regression Recess".

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    Interesting idea.
    Back a long time ago I did read a diaper-themed Star Trek: TNG fan written story where the USS Enterprise visits an entire planet of AB/DL colonists from Earth.

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    It could be called Littleton.

    I like the ideas here..... hey we need a trebuchet in the playground so we could catapult our dirty diapers over the walls of the city. Especially useful come the apocalypse.

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh and Teddy wants a nice picnic know what for...

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    I would name it something subtle but revealing to those who know. Like I think you could get away with calling the twon bambino or depends maybe even cudlles. It should also have the world's foremost adult daycare. Maybe we could get our pets from the pet play town next door.

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