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Thread: Is it possible to be an adult baby without a caregiver?

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    Default Is it possible to be an adult baby without a caregiver?

    I have been an adult baby for roughly a year and had online mommys that have come and gone. I just got out of a long relationship with one of them and currently I am not looking for one.

    I guess my question is, can one be an adult baby without having a caregiver?

    If you do not have a caregiver and are an adult baby, what kind of things to do you do by yourself?

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    Sure it is possible.

    Most of us, when discovering what we were, went through a period of time where we indulged our own fantasy and did things for ourselves that made us feel regressed and happy. And many of us, myself included, have never had a caregiver. Even people who are married and are fortunate enough to have spouses who know of (and are accepting of) ABDL behavior may not be willing to participate. The baby then cares for himself.

    You can still have a nursery, buy yourself pretty things, play with toys you enjoy, take yourself out to the zoo, place limitations on yourself, watch Disney movies, and even make friends with other adult babies (who are more plentiful than caregivers!) with whom you can have a "playdate". Your identity belongs to you, regardless of who you are or are not partnered with.

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    Yes, it is entirely possible. I would bet that there are more adult babies that don't have caregivers than there are that do, but I might be wrong.

    I know I personally would love to have a caregiver, but I want one in person, which is really hard to find. For me, I just make sure to have plenty of stuffed animals to cuddle with and play with. Also, I spend probably more than I should on pampering myself through decorating my room to look cute, and obviously buying diapers. Most nights I go to bed with a bottle of milk, and usually I like to watch a show with a bottle of milk as well. Sometimes I like to color, or just play with my stuffed animals.

    It really isn't too hard to just be a baby on your own, babies in general get left in a play pen on their own anyway. It might be super helpful to have somebody help you regress, but if you surround yourself by a few triggers, you will occasionally find yourself regressing.

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    Okay so firstly posted above is a link to a podcast I have found very helpful and informative in helping me to further explore my little side. I would advise going through their various podcasts and listening to them as they offer quite a lot of well argued and as non-bias feedback as they can manage.
    This interview in particular touches on the question of if one can ageplay without a caregiver.

    In all honesty though no you do not need a caregiver. You may desire one but ultimately as with getting into a vanilla relationship if you want a relationship with another person you should be able to on some level survive and function beyond and without that other person. In other words you can be and should be your own caregiver. Having a caregiver is nice, but you can just as easily care for yourself and love your little side. As your little side is a part of who you are so in the end love yourself and take care of yourself!

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    Definitely possible. I didn't even desire that sort of interaction with anyone for most of my life. I still don't really want it as a thing for itself but I can now see how it would be enjoyable with the right person. My fantasies drive this and no one else is really required but I see now it can be better when shared.

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    I haven't another choice, so it's what I've - and what I'm...

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    I think that because I've really never known life to be any different, I've developed the ability to not only switch comfortably between my current age and little self, but have both present and independent at the same time. Yeah so that sounds a mouthful, but is probably the case for most lifelong ABs. Truthfully, this does interfere with the experience at times, but as others have said, you do what has to be done.

    I do have an accepting partner, whose participation is pretty limited, however, even just knowing that she is there, allows my adult side to step quite a ways to the background, and that is definitely better. I would love for her to take on a more specific role, but I'll wait for her to reach that point in her own time. The fact she still loves me is awesome enough right now....oh and she will admit finally that she loves my little side.

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    It's definitely possible. What I will say is that it can be quite a bit tougher to properly regress when there's nobody else with you, to help enhance or maintain your feeling of littleness. Whilst having a caregiver can be amazing, you don't necessarily need one to feel little.
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    Of course, its more about comfort level with your feelings then a stict rule/definition of AB

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    It is totally possible to be an adult baby without having a caregiver. You will have set up and do a lot of stuff yourself but it is totally possible. Right now I don't mind not having a caregiver because I never had one and I know I can manage without one but one day I would like to have a caregiver and that is one thing that I long for.

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