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Thread: Most Unpleasent Diaper Experience

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    Default Most Unpleasent Diaper Experience

    What's your most unpleasant diaper experience? It can be a big leak, a really bad mess/blowout, or maybe being spotted in public. Anything you can think of.

    I bring this up because I had an experience that might take the cake for me about a week ago (WARNING, this is kinda gross). I was on a car ride to the beach in South Carolina with my Mom and I decided to get diapered before hand in order to reduce the amount of stops we'd have to make. So we were about half way there and pulled over to a rest stop, but I specifically didn't go just so I could use the diaper more. So about 10 minutes later, I had to pee and poop a bit as well. I just wanted to wet but I'm still relatively inexperienced so I still have to push to get it to come out. As a result, while I was trying to force myself to wet, I was also on the verge of messing. So in a (horrible) spur of the moment decision I decided to just let it all out. Probably one of my dumbest ideas ever. I ended up sitting in that mess for about 25 or 30 minutes and thank GOD it didn't smell. I eventually asked my mom to pull over and I had to attempt to clean myself up in a McDonalds restroom with only dry toilet paper. Since there were no wet wipes or anything, I couldn't get totally clean and had to just deal with that for the rest of the ride.

    So yeah, not my brightest moment.
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    I once messed in a nappy and sat in it, only to realise that poop had blown out all over my bedroom carpet. My mom was livid. Definitely my darkest hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick24798 View Post
    I once messed in a nappy and sat in it, only to realise that poop had blown out all over my bedroom carpet. My mom was livid. Definitely my darkest hour.
    Holy crap that's awful. Your mom knew what you did??

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    Quote Originally Posted by theQman View Post
    Holy crap that's awful. Your mom knew what you did??
    Knew, haha the whole world could see what had happened. I was totally mortified. Guess that what I get for wearing a nappy too small.Now there's a massive brown stain on my bed room carpet

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    I had been spending a day at the library, and I decided to go diapered to avoid dipping in and out of the bathroom. (I have a blood condition that requires me to be hydrated.) A few hours in, I was already soaked. So I ask a nice lady to watch my laptop while I go attend to the business... And later, after what felt like a normal change, I noticed quite oddly that I was getting a LOT of stares as I returned to my computer. The librarian aide sidles up to me and (bless him, he tried) "whispers" that I'm showing my undergarment, and I throw a hand behind me to check in horror. I almost died. It turns out that I had somehow tucked the tail of my floor-length skirt into my diaper, and I was flashing it for all to see.

    It happened several years ago, but I have been back to that library exactly only once...

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    I once gave myself a huge enema but i only had pull-ups at the time, not a smart choice, because it ended up blowing out from my pull-ups and onto the floor, thank god my floor is tile, i broke out the bleach an towels and mop and cleaned it up before my mom got home P.s. she doesn't know about my diapers

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    I can't recall any specific incidences, but I usually regret it almost everytime I soil my diapers. Sometimes its just too hard to clean up, or I can't stand the smell, and on occasion, I, uh... spill some of it taking the diaper off. But I rarely wear in public or get too experimental with enemas or anything, so I guess I don't have any real stories to tell.

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    I have peed and pooped myself in my diaper while driving many times.
    For me, not a big deal.

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    I was driving back to college (8 hour drive) and had just changed out of a wet diaper at McDonalds. I grabbed a small bite to eat there and ended up getting sick right after changing. I didn't have any wipes as I didn't plan on messing, so I had to go buy some. At this point after finding a store, I smelled terrible and began to leak. I had to walk around the store looking for wipes, stand in a busy line where I fee like everyone was staring at me. I then went back to my car to get a clean diaper, and was spotted pulling one out by an older couple. They however, were understanding and the husband was incontinent. He showed me his diaper quickly and said that its okay and to stay positive.
    Then was the clean up...YIKES! That was the hardest part, especially without a shower. That's partially why I don't mess that often anymore

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    I was at a morning conference in a neighboring town. I usually wear a diaper to these. On break I was walking out to my truck and wet my diaper. My pants were instantly soaked down the front. Turns out the Tanquility had a pinhole in it. Luckily, no one saw me and I had an extra diaper and an extra pair of jeans in the truck. Climbed in and changed them and went back inside.

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