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Thread: Buying premium diapers in person.

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    Default Buying premium diapers in person.

    Has anybody had success doing that? I'm wanting to upgrade from generic brands. I wish there was an abdl exchange type thing where you could figure out what's closest to you.

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    Honestly no desire to buy in person at all. Online is just so much nicer and worry free.

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    Yeah, well, I don't want someone wondering what package that is that just got delivered. I don't live alone.

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    I buy my dry 24/7's from age comfort I just call in and place the order for Pickup

    There may be a supplier near you where are you located

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    I did that a few times, i went to a medical supply store and got some abenas and some of the tena stretch diapers. It was fine, most the people in those stores are nice and non judgmental.

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    I've bought diapers at medical supply stores several times and always had a good experience. The people there were very professional and I even got into a discussion with them concerning what I was buying and it was a very pleasant experience each time.

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    WIsh I knew someone who was comfortable ordering to their doorstep that could buy for me. Oh well. I just need to get a place without roommates in the future.

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    I have been to a medical supply store and browsed their offerings, although they weren't all that impressive. I've purchased diapers from a large non-chain pharmacy that had Molicares and it was no big deal. Yesterday, I dropped by the ABU warehouse and picked up some Rearz Inspire among other products. It was pretty cool to be able to walk in, state your interest, and get exactly what you want.

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    UPS and I imagine other carriers have options where they'll hold the package and you come pick it up.

    I live alone but I often do this (for regular packages as well) because I'm never home and they'll either leave it at the door (which I'm not always a huge fan of) or I'll have to go pick it up anyway.

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    I have gone to a medical supply and bought molicare suoer pluses before . My experience was great in person much to my surprise because it didn't start that way ! The owner helped me and I told him at first they were for my grandfather . He has seen more than one dl and or incon person my age ,( which was 25 at that time )and since i was the only one in the store he asked if they were for me and i told him yes .

    I was terrified at that time ! He was very kind and didn't ask if they were for incon or other and his only question was how long i expected to where them . I said through the night So he gave me sample of the molicare super plus diapers in medium and large and told me they were his best diaper in the store. I tried the large on and it fit perfectly and i didnt try the mediums. I wore the large molicare home along with a box of them less scared and stocked for months!

    Now i only shop online mostly for convienience and selection . If you have a "premium" supplier dont be afraid because a. They want the sale and b. You are not the first person in any age group looking for good diapers!

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