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Thread: What video game system do you play on?

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    Default What video game system do you play on?

    I play on the ps vita, xbox 360, and nintendo 3ds.

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    I play on my 3DS, Playstation 4, PC, and I'd like to get back into playing Crisis Core on the PSP.

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    Nice I'm hoping to get a ps4 next year my vita can get some of the ps4 games which is cool been playing j stars victory vs+

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    Oh! I saw a few ads for that. I saw Gon and Tsuna on the cover and was really curious on how their combat styles would be in that game.

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    I have a PS3 and a PS4. Don't play quite as much as I used to but message me if anyone wants to add me I love Uncharted, The Last of Us, anything by naughty dog. I've also played a lot more Call of Duty than I'd like to admit.

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    PC mostly. I get my 360 out once in a while to play exclusives though.

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    Got a Nintendo 3DS xl , PS3 and an Xbox 360 . Unfortunately I don't have the cash to pay for any next gen consoles.

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    Me either kinda want to trade my 360 for a ps3

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    I have a pink 3DS XL and a PC. It's been a year since I built it though, so it's steadily becoming outdated... but I do hope it will last a bit longer yet.

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