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Thread: How many times do you change?

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    Default How many times do you change?

    How many times a day do you change your diapers?

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    Well I usually only wear one a day, I put it on around bed time and wear it through the night, so once!

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    Three, four max, Abena supers. Assuming I wear morning to night. They stay on until full or dirty, and then they don't come off immediately.

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    Once or twice. Depends how long they last. Never changed until they're full though (a waste of a diaper otherwise!).

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    0.14 - I usually don't manage more than one a week. They aren't exactly easy for me to obtain and I like having them there so I don't use them up quickly.

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    None usually. When I wear, I like to wear several at once (because they are CVS ones), and I wear them until I have to take them off (usually from the afternoon/evening of one day, until the afternoon of the next

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    Being 24/7 as I am... I usually change 3 times a day. Fresh one first thing in the morning... then change at lunchtime... then again when I get home in the evenings.

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    I usually put my diaper on at night, before i go to bed, and wear it through the night. if i do wear doing the day, i will mostly use just one

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    usually never, maybe once. But when I wear its usually over the course of an afternoon or overnight or something, so I like to make it last. (good diapers are expensive!)

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