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Thread: Toys! How many of you actually enjoy them

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    Question Toys! How many of you actually enjoy them

    So I was just wondering, how many of you have toys and how many of you guys actually have fun playing with them! Be honest. Because I know a lot of ab/dl's who play with toys simply for show. But then there is the people who are called "emotionally little" or "true ab" and thats what I am and I do truely enjoy my toys.

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    Legos never stop being fun. But give me an action figure, a doll, a toy kitchen, and I'll just sit there. And baby toys are even worse for me. I wish I enjoyed kids toys though; all the toys I have/want now were expensive (fly fishing gear, photography gear).

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    I love toys, but I prefer coloring and stuff. but when I get my hands on a toy I actually enjoy playing with it ^^

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    The only toy that I can actually have fun with are Legos.

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    Unfortunately, I don't have much time for what toys I have. I have a FP Zebra which I'll occasionally do some bouncing and spinning on. Then there's my vintage pedal toy collection (trikes and tractors) and I'll get on one and ride it every now and then. Also have some model trains, but again they stay mostly packed up and unused. I'd love to have a K'Nex building set, but it would no doubt just sit in the box for ages until I had time to build something with it. Maybe one day when I can really retire...


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    Lego, not Legos, and plural of Lego is Lego (or technically Lego Bricks) , but yeah I know it's an Americanism to call them Legos

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    Quote Originally Posted by harris View Post
    all the toys I have/want now were expensive (fly fishing gear, photography gear).
    Photography gear, motorcycle/ atv gear, R/C helicopter gear, ect... I feel your pain Harris. I grew up with a fascination for anything with an engine and/or wheels so...

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    I still have all my toys from when I was a kid.
    And I truly enjoy playing with most of them. ^^ Anyone ever have a Digivice? I dug that out and played with it, I missed it.

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    Lol of course Legos are popular, they are fun! I used to have a bunch of legos and barbies, and other toys, but when I turned 10 my Mother made me give away all my toys. So now I have some toys that I've bought over the years. I have a toy electric keyboard, lots of coloring books and crayons/markers/colored pencils, a snow white baby doll, lots of stuffed animals and a tea party set. I love all my toys and want more! lol

    Pramrider, I'm sorry you dont have time to play

    Akira, I'm pretty sure I had one (or maybe a friend did) but like I said my mom made me give away all my toys!

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