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    Default best pull up diaper

    like wearing pull ups during the day, anybody got a favorite? I like them thin and asorbant.

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    Recently I have tried and liked the Always Discreet pull-ups (large/maximum). I think these work great for daytime use.

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    I don't really wear pull-ups too often but I did try Abena Abri-flex and Tranquility overnight pull-ups and both were pretty good.

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    I really like the Always Discreet (max absorb.) pull-ups. They fit me far better than any other pull-up and they even have standing leak guards. I've never had a leak while wearing these. they might not hold quite as much as some of the high-end pull-ups like Abena but they are thin and discreet and hold quite a bit all at a very affordable price.

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    Tranquility's Overnight pull up is about the best I've tried.

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    I like the tranquility pull up, just a bit tight. I Love the new always discreet maxium protection. I wear under a pair of jc penny control top dance tights, to work. I wet several times a day, and don't leak or swell. Bought 3 more packages yesterday. Now underware of choice!

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