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Thread: Cloth diaper help needed

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    Default Cloth diaper help needed

    Right now, cloth diapers would be easier to wear more often. It'd be easier to clean something than throw away disposables constantly. I doubt I'd like them better than disposables, but I wanna get a cloth diaper or two! But.... ummm.... I don't really know what I'm doing! I need.... a diaper and plastic pants? Do I need anything else? A cloth cover? No? Also, I don't know what to look for brand-wise... I don't wanna spend a bazillion dollars, but I want something decent. Something that can absorb a bit. (I don't know that I would mess often.... maybe sometimes... but that's a whole lot more cleanup than with disposables! I dunno.) I want cuteness too! Stressed out lots lately, so more diaper time might help!

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    I'm no expert but I find these easy to use and fairly comfortable: You can add these for additional capacity: and get the plastic or rubber pants of your choice.

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    Have you thought about flour sack cloth towels? These make great diapers and are very absorbent. They are the closest to the old fashioned Curity diapers. You can buy them at Amazon or other on line sites. They are a lot cheaper then some of the abdl sites and you can use them to dry dishes too if they don't work out as diapers.

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    Your decision depends on what you actually want in terms of thickness, ease of use, laundering, and a few other things.

    You have All In Ones that are a one piece garment that are the most like disposables. They are designed just like disposables for ease of use, but they tend to not last as long, the waterproof lining will not last as long as the padding, can take longer to launder, and it's more difficult to get rid of odors. More than likely, you will need plastic pants because most of these have compassion leaks and they aren't designed like disposables regarding leg gatherers and leak guards and the material is sewn on top of the leak proof lining without a barrier system. You can only as so much extra padding before it leaves you diaper prone to leaks.

    Pocket diapers are like All In One diapers, but they the bulk of the padding in a separate pad that you stuff in between the linings. It's easier to launder these, easier to get rid of odors, it's still pretty easy to apply. You will still be prone to the same leaks above and have less coverage area.

    Prefolds and Plastic Pants are the original way of cloth diapering. It's the most customizable way of diapering. You can choose the thickness, colors, fabric of padding. You can choose different plastic pants colors, materials, height, width, style, and much more. There's easier ways other than pins to apply the diapers. The only cons to these is that it could take longer to put on. As I said though, products such as Snappi Fasteners, Boingo Fasteners, and others that make it a lot easier to put on.

    Before you buy any of these products, I would suggest investing in a fabric tape measurer to ensure your purchase will be right for you, and actually fit you. These are pretty cheap and can be found in Wal-Mart or other fabric stores. This way you won't waste money.

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    A lot depends on you size and wants.

    As for diapers there is several options.

    1) buying diapers;

    I got my diapers from Baby Pants and I tried all three types they have. The birds eye cotton is very think and absorbable. The cotton twill is less bulky and just as absorbent. then my favorite is the cotton gauze. They look and feel like a real baby diaper. The price is comparable on all of them and you are talking about $20+ for each.

    2) make you own.

    My mom used flannel diapers on me (basically the flour sack mentioned earlier). I have bought flannel at the fabric store, but over the year they have changed the fabric types and names so you need to look for or ask for diaper flannel.

    As for the folding I googled "how to fold a baby diaper" and found several good sites for the description on how to fold flat diapers.

    As for plastic pants Again I have gotten mine from baby pants and been relatively pleased. They sell there own brand and gray. Again size effects the price.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Shippo.....long time. I've been buying pre-fold night weight gauze diapers from The All Together Diaper Co., but I've actually been getting them through I think they're made by Leakmaster. I also get the Leakmaster high top plastic pants and they're very comfortable. The high tops cover more of the diaper which you may want if you are going to sleep in them at night.

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    A queen-size cotton flannel sheet, folded to fit, makes an excellent cloth diaper. Best part, it unfolds to single thickness, so it dries way faster than commercially available prefolds. You could even dry it outside on a line without arousing your neighbors suspicions. You'll also need diaper pins (available anywhere) and plastic pants, easily available on-line.

    If on-line purchasing is an issue, a 30 gallon garbage bag can be used. Spread it out flat, sit in the middle, pull up the corners and duct tape snug on either side just as you pinned the diaper. Tuck the edges in around the leg holes, then cover the whole thing with shorts to hold everything in place. Athletic compression shorts work even better. The result isn't all that babyish, but it IS fully functional. I've had good results even overnight.

    For spread-your-legs bulk, and ultimate capacity, a towel or something in the center as a soaker will work.

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    thank you for all the replies so far!

    Online is my only safe way to buy stuff like this. I sorta like what Trevor posted. Although I'd want cute plastic pants or a cute cover over them. Not sure where to look for them.

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    I've bought from these guys in the past, as have others here....

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    You might take a look at I have about a dozen of their adult pocket diapers.

    The great thing about them (aside from the appearance, which I love, and the various colors available) is that the insert comes out and you can wash and dry the cover. There's minimal dryer time, which certainly helps.

    I've actually used prefold baby diapers as inserts, but a microfiber towel would work equally well, I imagine. They're not cheap, but you only have to buy them once.

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