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Thread: NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs Available

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    Default NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs Available

    We now have size large available of the new NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs at:

    They are the same sizing and construction as the popular NorthShore Supreme (plastic-backed) briefs, but less bulky and ideal for daytime (or night) use. We had many requests from Supreme users for a less bulky version for daytime use, similar to Abena Level 2 (which is no longer available in plastic).

    The Supreme Lite brief has the same tapes and plastic exterior as the original Supremes. Plus, the absorbent core is the same dimensions (coverage) as Supreme. The absorbency is about 20% reduced and bulkiness about 40% reduced. Plus, the core is much softer and less rigid than Supremes yet still wicks & stays together very well when saturated without clumping.

    Again, size large is available now for immediate shipping. Sizes Medium and X-Large will be available in early September. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the new Supreme Lites.


    NorthShore Care Supply

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    Woohoo! I can't wait for the mediums to become available. I'm sure these will be excellent for daytime needs!

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    We're hopeful that Medium and X-Large will be available before the end of August. They're on the boat now from Europe headed our way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthShoreAdam View Post
    We're hopeful that Medium and X-Large will be available before the end of August. They're on the boat now from Europe headed our way...
    You mean ?

    NorthShoreAdam: a ship comes loaded.
    Me: Whit what?
    NorthShoreAdam: New diapers

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    Hi Adam

    Want to let you know that the NorthShore Supreme is probably my favorite diaper of all time. And I've worn a lot of different diapers! I am on my second case and I don't anticipate switching to another brand.

    That said, the second case seems (I know that it is, in fact) different from the first. At least the first few diapers from the first pack are very noticeably thinner than all of the first case. Has there been a change in manufacturer? Was this change in thickness intentional?

    I cannot be the only person to have noticed this difference. Regardless of the reason behind the change I will still recommend your product on our podcast

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    Thanks for the feedback. There has not been any change in manufacturer or specs. We are making a change to a larger tape which should be coming soon to the Supreme line and is already on the new Supreme Lite briefs.

    We have had a few other similar complaints about changes yet every time we get them back and weigh and measure them, we don't find any difference. We'll keep investigating though to make sure we keep the factory honest.

    Our best guess as to why some diapers appear thinner than others is that there can be some variation in the amount of compression that is applied to the diapers to squeeze them into the bags. Especially on very humid days the diapers are fluffier and not as easy to compress. This can happen to any diaper depending on the climate it is produced in.

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    i have to second that! North shore Supreme briefs are my favorite diapers, they help with my bedwetting and keep my bed dry Thanks NorthShore!

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    They are made in Europe :O? I hope they are available for purchase from somewhere in the EU area!

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    It's expensive to register for CE compliance in all the European countries. We are looking into various options and hope to have these available in Europe in 2016.

    Quote Originally Posted by TyphaHare View Post
    They are made in Europe :O? I hope they are available for purchase from somewhere in the EU area!

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    NorthShore Air supreme diapers are my favorite, I have tried other brands and find NorthShore is the best for me. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will definitely try the Surpreme lites when they become available.

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