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Thread: What is inside Pull-Ups Cool-Alert ???

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    Default What is inside Pull-Ups Cool-Alert ???

    I'm just curious if anyone can figure out what is inside the Pull-Ups Cool-Alert, that gets cold quickly once its wet, if there's any easy way to create the same feeling in any adult diaper, maybe they do it with something really simple that you can make at home with some easy recipe.

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    Didn't know that was a feature on pull-ups ! That's interesting, I don't have a lot of knowledge in chemical reactions but it could be an endothermic reaction, it absorbs heat but I have no idea what could be safe to put in a diaper to achieve that reaction.

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    From what I have been able to find, The cooling material is "ketal based". After some more searching, I found "menthone ketal". It's the material in chewing gum that gives off that cool feeling. It's probably not exactly the same but it's the closest I could come to on it.

    I can't believe some parents haven't gotten together demanding to know what the chemical is. I mean they're placing a chemical against their child's skin for hours that is guaranteed to have a chemical reaction in the presence of water. There was even a recall of the pull ups after kids started having rashes after using them.

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    I think it was used to encourage potty training but yeah, if it caused skin rashes, you don't want any part of it.

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    It's actually an ingredient found in artificial sweetener. If you lick those pull ups, you can taste the sweetness.

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    I'll do some research on my side, my brother can help me out cause he knows people that can tell me exactly what is inside of theses Pull-Ups Cool-Alert (or the new version of them called Cool and Learn), I can't even imagine that they use something that could be dangerous on any child skin, especially in USA, regulations would prevent anything that could be really bad for the skin.

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