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Thread: Review of Depends Fitted Briefs

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    Default Review of Depends Fitted Briefs

    So, I recently needed some new diapers. I always get the Walgreens Fitted briefs, but they "improved" them, so now I might as well not even wear them. My next choice was Depends. I ride to my local Rite-Aid, and I get home, blah blah blah...

    Finally! My review:

    The good:
    -Elastic waistband
    -More than just white!
    -Elastic leak guards
    -Less noisy than the "Improved" Walgreens Fitted Briefs

    The bad:
    -Extremely uncomfortable!
    -Scratchy leak guards/waistband
    -Scratchy padding
    -Horrible quality tapes
    -Annoying and extremely loud plastic backing

    The final review:

    3/10 is my final rating...It is a horrible diaper...If you plan to wear these, you need to put some tissues down the front, or else it will be too uncomfortable to wear. The tapes are just Scotch tape, or so it seems. The padding is extremely scratchy and just very uncomfortable to sleep in.

    The verdict:

    I will probably never buy these again, they are just horrible. I will never suggest these to new *B/DLs. Do not buy these!

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    Wait. Are walgreens plastic backed now???

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    I would have to agree with you about Depends. I used them when I first started to try out disposables when I was still continent and was only playing around. I found them to be not very absorbent, and not thick at all. They made way too much noise for my comfort when I tried to wear one at work once. I was so afraid I would be discovered.

    I only bought them though because I thought they were supposed to be the best things available as they were about the only ones I remember being advertised on TV.

    Once I began to have incontinence issues, I started to use them again, but soon found out that I needed to use a minimum of 3 to keep from leaking when my bladder would let loose. Even then, I had leaking problems, and so I got some plastic pants to use over them. Then the problem was the puddle of pee in the plastic pants, and trying to get them off without spilling the pee into my jeans.

    I finally gave up on them altogether and ordered some cloth diapers, and that was the best move I've ever made to keep my problems under control.

    I still have some of the Depends left, (about 6 packages to be exact), but now I'm letting my son use them as back ups for when he runs out of goodnites and needs something to wear. His bladder isn't nearly big enough to cause a leak, so they work fine for him, even though they are a bit too large for him. He just folds them down around the top to keep them from riding up too high over his stomach.

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    I haven't heard anything that horribly bad about the Wallgreens briefs... LG uses them on a fairly regular basis and seems to like them.

    But at least your opinion of Depends is spot-on. Better than peeing your pants, but not by much.

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    Nah I love Walgreens, it sounds like they were changed recently though.

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    I'm hoping the walgreens are a decent brand, because as far as I know that is one of the better brands locally and I can't order online. But that review about sums it up.

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    The bad thing about Depends is that they are not that good of a diaper, they dont really hold that much, and are not thick. and the other thing, they cost to much money

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    The sad thing is that is usually the only thing I get to wear... although I might try walgreens brand a try again... I tried them four years ago and they reminded me of sandpaper plus when I wet them it was not a pleasent thing. Maybe they changed since I last tried them. But if they are better than depends now... I better give them a shot. (I always wear depends except the one time I ordered from xpmedical...Abena Xplus.... and I order for the second time... muahahaha... hopefully they will arive by thursday. I am so excited. But I agree depends suck... but what sucks more... is that the only brand I usually wear.

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    hmm I beg to differ....I have worn full time for over a month now and i only wear depends max...did you try the normal ones or the max ones?

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