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Thread: fulfilling a childhood fantasy

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    Default fulfilling a childhood fantasy

    like the majority of us here, i got this "feeling" every time i saw diapers at the store (and i still do ) and wanted to buy them, but simply couldn't, because of obvious reasons.
    now that i'm older, smarter, and have some money in my pockets, i can get them.

    now to get to the point: i have a 28in waist and i'm overall really skinny. to give some perspective, my hip bones are clearly visible.

    so, being a skinny guy i am, would i fit into huggies super dry size 6 without making any modifications and looking like i'm wearing a diaper thong? also, how strong is their scent? i don't want my room to smell like babies.
    the reason why i want to buy baby diapers when i can get proper adult ones, is to fulfill my childhood fantasy where i wanted to have that bag of diapers in my bedroom, where i'm free to open it and put one on, instead of hopelessly watching it on a store shelf.

    huggies super dry are the only size 6 diapers i could find in places where i can get them, and they only sell them in bags of 76 for the price of around 20Ä so i really want to be sure i won't just waste that little money i have on a bunch of diapers that don't fit.

    so, should i take a chance and try to fulfill my childhood fantasy, or should i get some more drynites instead?

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    Yeah, I absolutely get where you're coming from.

    Snuggies has the right idea, designing their packaging like baby diaper packaging. It's the little things like that that really take us back to those times.

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    Yeah I totally know the feeling when you can't get diapers. For me it's still going on, the age for leaving school in UK is 16 or something isn't it? Yeah I'm still in and there's such a high risk of being seen by someone I know that I can't bare risking buying any in a store. Not to mention the practically non existent choice of diapers in stores in Australia. Unless you're a baby.. lucky bastards.

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    I know how ya feel, I just prefare baby nappies. Why not try pampers size 6 . If I were you just go for it.

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    I would stick with pampers, Huggins line has always ran smaller in size.

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    What is your waist size? Most larger baby diapers do fit thin adults !

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyphaHare View Post
    What is your waist size? Most larger baby diapers do fit thin adults !
    OP said it was 28 inches. As someone with a 29 inch waist: it'll still look like a diaper thong, but not too badly.

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    I think I had a slighter bigger waist as a 16yr old than you do as an 18yr old now...what I'm getting at is until halfway though my 16th year I was still fitting into Boots Own Brand Size Six Baby Nappies, they were definetly bigger than size six pampers which I outgrew at 13 (many I'm not as skinny as I previously thought hey!) unless they've gone through any drastic changes since I outgrew them I reckon they'll work for you. Though of course you dont have to liste to me, furthermore to put your mind at rest I'm in no way affiliated with The UK Boots company! Good luck. bringmesunshine p.s I never experemented with many baby brands back in the day, I'm a loyaltous brand-whore & I don't mind admitting it!

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    I would advice against buying huggies, I bought some a while ago and even with your same waistline I can't wear them comfortably, If you could find pampers size 6 that would be ideal because unlike huggies the tapes are stretchier and they're a little bit larger, those would fit you better.

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    If you can fit into baby diapers by all means wear them! They are the best!

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