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    I usually try to skip a day or two without wearing any nighttime protection and my wife and I then go to off to sleep, never questioning it too much. She has on occasion asked when I went to bed sleepy if I was wearing anything for protection, in which case I could usually find a pair of Depends underwear for the night.

    Recently, I had a bad nighttime accident while sleeping and without anything for protection. It soaked through a couple of bed sheets - probably the worst accident I've had in years.

    Now, my wife is adamant that I put on a diaper at night, and that it is A DIAPER. She would always ask before why a diaper at night and I would mention it was a better safeguard for me and how I sleep.

    Just the other day, I didn't know she was outside of the bathroom door waiting for me to get out of the bathroom and when I was done peeing (it was a long one), she looked at me VERY concerned and said, "please tell me you didn't pee THAT much in bed last night???".

    But she is terrified of this getting our sheets and bed. She had the sheet protector on for a while but that went by the wayside as well, probably bc we were getting a bit complacent.

    Now, she is pretty much mandating that I wear a DIAPER every night and will stay up nagging until I put one on. I don't like the bulk as much at night, but I also do not want to wake up embarrassed like that again.

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    This wouldn't be a problem for me as I enjoy going to bed diapered, but how do you feel about it? Are you comfortable with the idea?

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    It sounds like diapers for you aren't something you want to be wearing all the time. That's unfortunate, since it also sounds like you may not have the luxury of sleeping without some protection. If accidents are a relatively rare thing for you, I'd suggest being sure to take responsibility for all cleaning to keep it out of your wife's way as much as possible and make sure that any unprotected accidents are quickly cleaned up and the bed pristine. I'd also suggest keeping a mattress protector on anyway. It protects the mattress from sweat and dampness over time even if you never wet the bed.

    Separately, it sounds like you're concerned at how much emphasis your wife is putting on this issue and (forgive me if I'm reading a bit too much into it), your word choice suggests that you're unhappy about your wife's lack of trust in you. This is a bit ironic, there are a lot of people on here that would love to have someone checking up on them all the time to make sure they're diapered. But since it's not something you're happy about, the only solution I know of is to sit down and chat about it with your wife so that you understand how she's feeling, she understands how you're feeling, and you can work out a solution to the current situation.

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    you could get a bed mat, or just get a mattress cover again, and then put some blankets underneath you for just in case.

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    Sorry you are having accidents at night while not diapered, Tyger is right you need to get a mattress protector and a few washable reusable bed pads, I use the priva ones they are 34X54" and they work great for leaks.
    As for sleeping with out a diaper that may not be a good idea of you have large accidents as even with a bed Matt you will probably end up soaking more the pad if you have a large accident.

    Sleeping in diapers for some people take a bit of time to get use to but once you do you will not have to worry about flooding the bed

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    I guess a bit of nagging can take the fun out of anything.

    Perhaps if it were more like "Let me help you get that diaper on... and while we're at it, I'll get that pesky thing relaxed so it will lay down."
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