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Thread: Let's talk :)

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    Default Let's talk :)

    Hello, I am sitting in my diaper, and am looking somebody to talk with
    I am Nik, 23 years old male

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    Hi Nik! Well your profile says you like law. Are you a lawyer?

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    No, but will be, I study law
    And you?

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    I did general studies. I'm an office worker now.

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    Just sticking my head in to say hello, so: hello!

    I'm not a lawyer but I work in the field of Landlord and Tenant law through a non profit agency, representing tenants in court who are facing eviction. It's been my passion for decades and I truly feel blessed and privileged to do this work. So, Nik, what areas of law are you considering?

    I read quite a bit as well, usually social and political stuff. Just finished 'Missoula,' an account of rape culture in a small college town in Montana, 'The Spiral Notebook,' which focussed on the James Holmes shooting in Aurora during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight. It's an analysis of the shooting itself and the societal, cultural, and trends around mass shootings (I found the analysis a little simplistic) I just started 'Early Intervention' which is a look at how people wind up in the prisons, hospitals, and shelters because of a system that helps disadvantaged populations only after they become seriously ill or come into conflict with the law. Probably not the kind of stuff most people are interested in reading, but, hey, I'm just trying to join in, and zip did say the more the merrier!

    I'm heading out for a six mile run in a bit. It's like about thirty degrees Celsius, so I expect to be pretty fried by the time I get back.

    Have a great day, guys.
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