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Thread: Anybody here been to see Inside Out?

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    Default Anybody here been to see Inside Out?

    I went and saw it the other day. Wow, I must say I really enjoyed it. A lot more that I initially thought I would. I won't put any spoilers, but I will say that I had tears forming by the end of the movie. Definitely recommended.

    So, what did you guys think of it?

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    I thought it was really cute. Although, for me, the movie was a bit over-hyped and I wasn't as wowed as I hoped to be. There were a few scenes from the clips that were left out of the movie that I feel like should have been included to have the plot to make it more fluid. I feel like if I hadn't seen those clips before the movie, I might have been a little lost. I kinda wish that all of the emotions had a lot more screen time instead of a few snippets here and there. Disgust is my favorite out of them all and I was disappointed that there wasn't more of her. Still really liked the movie and would recommend watching it if you get the chance (to those of you who haven't seen it).

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    I've been meaning to go. Would you recommend it?

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    I've seen it twice, I only watch movies I really and to see in theaters because it a 45-minute dive to the nearest theater for me, the town that it's in has 2 movie theaters, a big fancy one that shows the newest movies tickets are like $10+ unless you see a Matinee, and a smaller one that shows movie about to be released on video, ticket are like $2 at this theater. I saw it the second time this weekend. Funny thing is, when looking the the showtimes I noticed that the movie Pixels has already been moved to the small cheap theater, while Inside Out was still in the big expensive theater. Yet, Inside Out hit theaters almost a month before Pixels. Also I notice one the Flixter app that Pixels has a DVD release date set for late October yet Inside Out has no DVD Release Date listed on the app. That tells you how good Inside Out is.

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    I saw it twice, not because I loved it that much but for two different friend groups, but even so, it was fantastic. I don't really understand why it's so great, it just IS. I think it might be because it's introspective, that it's our way of interpreting and explaining the mind in the most childish way possible, or it could be because it was just such a different way of seeing how we think. I don't know but it was awesome either way.

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    I think it's one of the better movies that I've seen in years! Well developed and the jokes were tailored towards adults.

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    I haven't seen it but looking at all the synopsises and clips available online, it sounds like a cute and harmless flick with an original concept for once.

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    I haven't seen it but I think it was a fantastic idea. First Pixar make one showing old people as heroes (Japanese do it all the time but our language doesn't) and then they do one on kids mental health. Can't wait to watch it. My niece is too young to see it and I don't have money to just use money going to the cinemas by myself so I'll wait for DVD.

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