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Thread: My recent surgery and diapers

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    Default My recent surgery and diapers

    Well, I'm nearly healed from my fusion. I thought I'd write a short followup.

    I did wake up in a molicare premium soft! I thought it was after the surgery, but it was in Recovery. My wife says I requested it after a bathroom visit where, supposedly, I complained about dribbling. I don't remember that, but do remember asking for a pullup, which the nurses helped me with (vaguely).

    My wife diapered me after she gave me a sponge bath. That was hot. She used cloth, which was awesome.

    Aaaaand that's it! I didn't use any of them (to my understanding, I remember little of the actual Molicare aside from it being on me). I was too drugged at hospital, and too braced up at home. In the end, it was inconvenient, not sexy, and only a bit comforting.

    I was, and am, pretty bummed out about that, but it was a massive reality check. I thought it was going to be pain killers and euphoria and diapers, but that seems to be a pipe dream. There was very little element of AB/DLism, and lots more pain, confusion and disorientation. I used to joke that getting older would be a win, diaperwise. No I'm not so sure.

    I'll take mine recreationally, thank you!

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    Interesting perspective, I hope that your surgery went well and that you are recovering equally well. It's a bummer when reality doesn't quite match up to our fantasies.

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    Trust me on this, It's hell to get old. We never know what the Good Lord is going to test us with next. Some of our expectations are grandious at best and very seldom do they live up to our dreams to which usually end up as pipe dreams. When things aren't going the way we would like, we can really get bummed out, that is just a fact of life. We need not worry, because every thing comes full circle and we survive it.

    Take care and get well soon.

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    Interesting to hear your experiences. Glad to hear the surgery went well.

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