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    So this is kind of an odd thing, but I am a guy, I am typically attracted to women. But there are like 2 men I am actually attracted to. So I am confused as of my sexual orientation.

    And on a similar thought I've always wanted to be a girl, yet I am happy that I am a guy...

    So any help?

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    While it's often nice to just be able to label people as "gay" or "straight" "trans" etc. people are not that simple. I might not be answering your question but don't feel you have to fit into a specific category or label. You like who you like and you are who you are and so long as you're happy with yourself, that's all that matters

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    Wikipedia article on the Kinsey Scale

    Though common parlance is to refer to sexuality as if one is straight, gay, or bisexual exclusively, people can be bisexual without being equally interested in both sexes. They can also be pansexual and or any number of other niche terms - the point is that sexuality is a lot more varied than the most common labels suggest.

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    There is such a thing as bicurious. I would label myself as that

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