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Thread: Way to fast weight loss?

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    Default Way to fast weight loss?

    I really don't know where to post this, but since this is something I am worried about it might be the right place to write about this.

    So about a month ago I started working at a old job of mine, in a warehouse for spare parts for trucks and buses. Nothing special just classical physical labor. But I do live quite far away from the place so I only had like 15 minutes every morning to get up get ready and go, causing me to skip breakfast every day.
    The moment I got off the train I needed to run to the bus to my work, never having time to stop by a store to grab some sandwiches or anything just straight to work.
    Now at work every day was the same. Come in, straight to work, literaly no times for breaks (except for a quick coffe in the early hours) meaning I never had any lunch.
    By the time I was done it was late enough to expect that something will be waiting for me at home (and it did) so that was usualy the first thing I ever ate every day. Now some days I was just so tired I just took a shower and went straight to bed, while other times I would stay up until 10 or 11 and going to sleep without bothering to get any food before bed at all.

    Now this is how my days have been for 2 weeks, and I started noticing that I was sweating a lot more than usual and got tired way faster. And as stupid as I am, I tried fixing that with energy drinks, and it did help me for my last two days of work and then I crashed. I did nothing but sleep for 12 hours every night for the next 3 or 4 days.

    And now a few days ago my sister came to visit me and noticed how I look like and told me to get my shit together. And that is my problem now.
    I lost about 8 kg in a bit over 2 weeks and even now when I'm trying to start eating regularly again I've lost about 2 kg extra.
    I just cant get myself to eat as much as I used to, and i tried eating smaller meals but more often but I just don't feel hungry. And now its starting to worry me because if this keeps up, I literaly have no idea where or when is it going to stop.

    Now I know that eating disorders can be caused by stress and similar things, and yes there kinda is a real shitstorm in my life right now if I'm honest but is it possible that's the reason for it?
    And does anyone know if there is maybe some foods that I should eat so I don't feel so full so soon or anything.

    Oh and at the start of July I weighed about 89 kg, and now I'm on 80-79

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    This is one of those threads where word usage becomes important. I expect it was probably a typo or autocorrect but in this case, there's a big difference between "Way to Fast Weight Loss" and "Way too Fast Weight Loss".

    Anyway, you didn't say how tall you were but in general, 79-80kg sounds okay but your habits aren't. Get up earlier and have breakfast. Make your own lunch the night before as well. Be thou not afraid. These are basic life maintenance questions and you'll work them out.

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    I would agree with Trevor and Babymoonfox. IF it was me and you just do not want to eat a lot but eat something "good" then I would say get 20 gm/bar protein bars and set that out so you can grab it on the way out the door and eat it on the train or bus, and then make sure you are drinking at least 64 oz / 2 L of water.

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    I have similar problems. I have been underweight most of my life. I do eat a big breakfast but it feels like it is lunch time before I am finished and then there is no way I can eat again an hour or two later. Even though I work from home, since I am talking on the phone all day it is very difficult to eat anything. By the time I get off work I am just as exhausted from this struggle to get a few calories into my system as I am from working. If I have food handy I just stare longingly at my water bottle wishing I could just fill my tummy up with some cool water and not have to eat. I feel like between trying to eat 1800 calories and drink 64 oz of water I am constantly having to force something into my mouth all day. Right now I am only a pound or two shy of a good BMI but I have been just maintaining for over a month. I have hardly anything else in my life that is stressful. LOL. Just kidding. My husband thinks I am way too stressed and need to chill out but who wouldn't be a little stressed with a blended family of nine to care for? I mean, how am I too have the energy to do dishes and laundry and sweeping and mopping after getting off work? And how can I spend quality time with my kids when all I can think about is the crumbs left from the snacks and meals they make themselves? I guess I feel like life is great in general because I have my diapers to relax in and a great family who will all be here for almost a year since my oldest turns 18 next June. How am I too handle my baby leaving home? Where did all the time go? Am I going to have a hole in my heart the rest of my life after he leaves? The real question is, why is it so hard to get calories into my system?

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    Yes it looks like I just made a typo in the thread title -_-

    And yes it seems that I did leave some things out...

    This WAS the way I used to live for about 3 weeks, but the problem for me is going back to a normal, healthy routine.
    Just tonight I went to sleep at about 22:30 and now I woke up 13 hours later, went to the bathroom and did my stuff, and after washing my teeth I was like:
    "damn I'm thirsty..." so I drank about a glass of water and now I can't get myself to eat a bowl of cereal. Chances are, I won't feel like eating till 5 p.m. just like yesterday.

    Now all I want to do is stop this from going on, I know that my weight is still in all of the normal/healthy ranges, I just don't want it to go below that and I'm starting to feel like it will.

    And yes my height would explain things better. I'm 189cm tall, a bit less or a bit more depending on my posture.

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