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Thread: Which is the better pullup?

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    Default Which is the better pullup?

    Tena ultimate underwear VS Always Discreet (max absorbency of course). Which is better?

    Always Discreet bonus question: Which size is better for a 42 inch waist? S/M or L?
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    The Tena ultimate underwear doesn't exist in France and seems specific to Canada, but I think they are the equivalent of the Tena pants maxi.

    To answer your question, it depends on what's your definition of better.
    If it's about absorbency only, I would go for the Tena ultimate underwear, which is very absorbent.

    However, the Always Discreet underwear are very comfortable, absorb very well (I advice the "Maximum" absorbency level) and have a better design.

    And concerning the size, I would maybe go for a L size for your waist. Both can fit I guess, but the L size will absorb more!

    Hope it helps.

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    Unfortunately there are no really good pullups that work anywhere as well as premium taped diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110 View Post
    Unfortunately there are no really good pullups that work anywhere as well as premium taped diapers
    Thanks but that wasn't my question

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    My experience with Tena underwear isn't good. The crotch is very narrow, if you have anything more powerful than a constant drip, it will leak. Ie tried both the Men's and the unisex version and they both have their issues. I haven't tried Always, but I know they are made by Pampers. They have a very feminine design and they are thin.

    With just my experience with Tena, I'd say to try Always. If you want a higher capacity underwear, Abena, and North Shore come to mind.

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    I'm not sure these are the exact same Tena's you're asking about but I've tried the Tena "Heavy Protection Super Plus" pull-ups in both the men's and women's versions. The women's large fit me much better since I have a fairly large round rear and a 40"-42" waist. i found that they could take one and sometimes two medium sized wettings before being filled to the leaking point.

    I've also tried the Always Discreet (max absorb., size large) and I like them much better and they are my go-to pull-up. They will easily take two medium wettings and maybe a bit more. They seem to fit me even better than the Tena women's and the real bonus is the standing leak guards which seem to work well since I've had no leaks with these at all. They have a very subdued floral pattern which really isn't noticeable unless you really look closely and the legs openings are slightly high-cut which i kind of like.

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