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  • Abena Abri Form X Plus (Plastic Backing)

    9 52.94%
  • Molicare Super Plus (Plastic Backing)

    4 23.53%
  • Tranquility ATN (Plastic Backing)

    3 17.65%
  • Other

    4 23.53%
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Thread: Abena Abri Form X Plus vs Molicare Super Plus vs Tranquility ATN

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    Default Abena Abri Form X Plus vs Molicare Super Plus vs Tranquility ATN

    What's your favourite out of the three? Please choose one of the specified choices, you can also vote for Other as well. Whats your Favourite Diaper? Im having difficulty... I ordered a pack of (Abena Abri Form X Plus vs Molicare Super Plus vs Tranquility ATN) I like them all, just for different reasons.

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    The Abena's were my very first adult diaper but i'm in love with the snuggies so imma go for snuggies but since it's technically an other, abena's for life.

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    In these, kind of depends what is required. Both abena and molicare are much better than Tranquility. I always found tapes to be bad on the ATNs and absorbency to be much lower and fit to be pretty bad. Molicare fits a bit better than Abena for me, but it doesn't bode well for extended non-bed use, it tends to clump and not stay in place as much as the Abenas. I prefer northshore over the abena though, they tend to wick all the way too the back and are less medical in look. I tend to be able to stay in them longer than the abenas.

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    I prefer different diapers for different situations. Price is also a factor, I sometimes wear a cheaper diaper when it will suffice even though I might prefer to be wearing something else. And based on circumstances, I have a different preference also. So even if money was no object, I wouldn't want to have to pick just one diaper.

    If money was no object:
    - daytime: snuggies waddler or waddler overnight
    - lounging around the house: abena xplus
    - overnight: tough call.. abena xplus, crinklz, or waddler overnight

    If I absolutely had to pick one diaper to wear all the time, it'd be a waddler overnight. Not too thick for daytime, comfy in the evening, great capacity overnight.

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