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Thread: Tips for changing messy diapers w/o a shower.

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    Default Tips for changing messy diapers w/o a shower.

    My fiance / caretaker wants to take me out on some adventures in public, but isn't confident about messy diaper changes without a shower available.

    I'm looking for tips to build his confidence. Anything additional he should put in the diaper bag for the possible messy diaper change in a family restroom or backseat of the car?

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    Baby wipes, baby wipes, and more baby wipes. Those have saved me so many times, and they smell really awesome too. Regarding his confidence, all I can say is practice makes perfect I'm sure it will get easier for both of you once you have some experience your belts.

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    Like the above, lots of wipes. You can also get bigger wipes if baby wipes aren't enough.

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    Agreed on the baby wipes post! If the mess is not too smushed around I can clean up with 2 or 3 wipes, if you are on your bicycle you'll need the whole box!

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    Indeed, baby wipes and don't forget the powder or rash cream in your bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    if you are on your bicycle you'll need the whole box!
    Oh God That killed me

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    If you are in Canada get the shoppers Drugmart life brand adult wipes they work great and are about half the cost of the attends wipes. I find the bigger wipes help you clean up way better then the smaller ones.
    I have only had a few bowel accidents and never out side of out home but the larger wipes made the cleanup a breeze.
    Just remember to keep,plastic garbage bags for diaper disposal in your backpack

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    Sorry, but I think a shower is an absolute must after messing a nappy. Wipes just won't cut it. Just my opinion though.

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    If you put on a barrier cream before
    Like desitine and use proper grooming methods (no hair) clean up is fairly easy, the cream helps things not bond to the skin.

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