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Thread: Is anyone else shy about diapering-up in front of their spouse?

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    Default Is anyone else shy about diapering-up in front of their spouse?

    In another post this was brought up and I could totally identify with it. Even after having to wear diapers 24/7 for over a year I am still self-conscious about the diapering-up process. My Wife is super supportive/understanding with me having to wear diapers to handle my BPH/OAB problems. But, I'm always really embarrassed about it when she walks in on me while I'm actually putting on my diaper even though she doesn't mind at all. Strangely I've got no problems wearing just a diaper when she's around, it's only the putting one on that's embarrassing.

    Does anyone else have the same feelings about diapering up?
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    It's really weird. When I am diapered and with my partner, I have almost no inhibitions and will freely regress. However, I still feel really awkward actually getting changed in front of her. Lately I've been changing most of the way and then asking her to finish it off as a way to kind of break down that feeling. It is helping. I'd take all the blame myself, but really it's taken her a while to fully accept this. I realise you're in a different situation to me, but I think the feeling is the same...there's an element of shame associated with the whole thing that needs to be smashed. Good luck with it.

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    Hmmmm, not really sure if it's a "shame" thing. If it was I would think that I'd be shy about wearing only a diaper around her too, but that's not the case. In fact I've even had some nice discussions with her about my diapers. She's not "into" them but is interested to understand since they are necessary/important to me.

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    PadsnPullups, Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one. My wife is super supportive and absolutely amazing... however, I still don't like to put on a diaper in front of her. She probably wouldn't care, but its just one of those things I guess. I prefer to go in the bathroom and diaper up privately. I have no problems being around her in a diaper either, but I much prefer to put it on alone.

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    I'm definately shy about revealing or showing off myself in diapers. The other day it was washing day, and I had a pair of shorts on on top of my diaper and nothing else. Anyway my wife asked whether my shorts should be included in the washing, and I say sure...then strip she said, to which I refused and stepped aside, walked into our bedroom and changed into another pair of shorts..
    Her reaction was, why the big deal you could just have taken them off.
    However I know she's not that keen on the thought of me wearing diapers to handle my OAB / Urge, nor does she find diapers attractive.
    Maybe she has changed her mind, the coming years might tell.

    But yes, I'm shy about it!!!!

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    Ditto here. I keep all my diapers and things in a spare bedroom, and it's there that I change. My wife sees me all the time diapered as I go to bed in just a diaper and a night shirt. In the winter I usually were footed jammies that she bought me so it's not a big deal, but I just feel strange changing into diapers in front of her.

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    Not sure I feel strange about it, but if I am getting diapered, she's not usually there watching, per se, but she's usually only feet away. So, even though there's nothing hidden, it still feels sort of solo. I've been "mostly" 24/7 for about two years, so I do wear most nights, when we're together, sometimes just for the padded comfort (a good pullup inside 1-2 training pants), and other times to be able to have a full-on wet night (training pant, soaker, disposable & plastic pants). Either way, she's nearly always in on the "secret", and there's even times I can safely step into our pitch-black backyard, to take the dog out for a final pee, or just to gaze at the wonderment of the night Skies.

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    My wife makes my diapers, and I still feel shy diapering up in front of her. I think, being mostly DL, for me it's like I feel as if she feels I'm redirecting my sexuality to the diapers, and that's not the case, so it's awkward. We both are fine with it though. I love when she talks about my diapers, but sometimes react with unexpressed...anger? Hurt feelings? Embarassment masquerading as upset? Anyway, for me it's comfort first and sexual second. I don't understand sex, so maybe that's it.

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    No problem. My wife has seen me putting my nappy on more often than not. It doesn't bother her nor me.

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    No problem wearing or putting on in front of my wife she has been very supportive about my OAB issue

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