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Thread: Being Caught?

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    Default Being Caught?

    Have you ever been caught with diapers or even while wearing one. I have been! I was confronted from my mom when I was younger about havering soils Goodnites in my trash.

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    I was never actually caught with a diaper, but my dad did find out about my DL side. One day when I was 13, I had an abdl story opened on my laptop and my dad called me out of my room to talk to me about something. I was in the hall about 10 feet from my room and from where I was standing, I had a good view of my laptop. He talked to me for a minute or 2 then I turned around to check on my laptop and my grandmother was standing in my room looking at the screen. I panicked and ran into the room to close the laptop. Terrible idea. Naturally they were suspicious, so my dad spent the next 20 minutes interrogating me about what was on the computer. He kept asking what was on the computer and I kept saying "nothing" until he got very irritated. Eventually I just said "I can't tell you. I just can't" and he seemed to accept that. He told me to go take a shower and I knew that meant they were going to check my laptop.

    So, for the next few days I was an absolute nervous wreck because I had some BAD stuff in my search history. I didn't know about cleaner abdl sites like this at the time. I was wondering when and if he'd confront me about it. Well, I got my answer 3 days later when he called me into the living room for what turned out to be the most humiliating and traumatic conversation of my entire life. To say it was horrible is an understatement. It was basically 45 minutes of him asking questions regarding every aspect of my abdl side and me just bawling my eyes out. I don't remember most of the conversation but the one question that stood out was if I was attracted to small children. That stung. He also grounded me from using the computer indefinitely so I wouldn't be tempted to look at this stuff. For the longest time I couldn't bring myself to think about that day because just the memory of it made me want to throw up. So to sum it up... don't get caught. Ever.

    Flutters, what ever happened between you and your mom when she found those diapers?
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    Like theQman I was never caught with a diaper.

    Although, when I was about 3 or 4 years old I fell asleep sucking on my old pacifier that I found was still around, had been put away by my parents and I had forget about it, this was around the time that I started having the desire to be like a baby again, I woke up the next morning by my parents and felt very embarassed but because I was still very young they just smiled and didn't think too much of it, however I never found my pacifier again after that xD.

    Also, I always wondered if my younger brother ever found any pictures or browsing history because when we were children and teenagers we only had one computer, and I believe that the multiple user accounts in Windows was only introduced in XP, so from around 1997 and early 2000's, that feature didn't exist in windows.

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    TheQman.. wow I'm so sorry that was horrible!
    Good thing you can get acceptance here <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyphaHare View Post
    TheQman.. wow I'm so sorry that was horrible!
    Good thing you can get acceptance here <3
    Aww thanks Yeah it seriously sucked, but now as far as he knows, it was just phase and I got over it years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by theQman View Post
    Aww thanks Yeah it seriously sucked, but now as far as he knows, it was just phase and I got over it years ago
    Yea thats what I like about this site, everybody is accepting. But to answer your question, I just gave my mom a BS answer and it was left at that. I don't even remember what I said but I know I panicked and was caught off gaurd. So for now on I "clean" my room if I'm not home for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theQman View Post
    Aww thanks Yeah it seriously sucked, but now as far as he knows, it was just phase and I got over it years ago
    I know exactly how you felt. When I was 22, I came home from college to have dinner with my parents and some friends of theirs. It was a tough year, the Vietnam War raging, my boyfriend having gotten a low draft number, drugs, you name it for 1970. We started dinner and I started crying and I couldn't stop. I was having a psychotic break. I went back to school but while I was gone, my mom searched my bedroom, probably looking for drugs, but what she found were my makeshift diapers and gay porn. I think she told me what she found when I came home for dinner the next weekend, and I fell through the floor.

    It was so embarrassing, and the gay porn in 1970 was dangerous to have, because homosexuality was considered a mental illness and to engage in sex with someone of the same sex was illegal. My mom sent me to a shrink at a residential mental facility near Princeton, so I had to drive to the facility, find the doctor's office and discuss wearing diapers and having sex with guys. It was a nightmare. Eventually college ended, I graduated and got a job. I moved out and never looked back, or at least I tried not to look back. But as you can see, I still live with it somewhere in the dark recesses of my memories.

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    Yeah, getting caught is one of the worst feelings ever. My mom made me so ashamed of myself and threatened to take me to a shrink.

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    when I got caught my mom yelled at me saying diapers are not cool and a whole lot of other stuff she told some of my family about it that was humiliating she even had me wear big disposable diapers 24/7 as a punishment its hard to hide when your in high school so glad those years are over. Now that I don't live with her I do as I please.

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    Me getting caught wasn't necessarily a bad thing. When I was 16 (in 2002) my bedwetting came back and I didn't want to tell anyone, I went and bought Depend Fitted Briefs and one day within the first weeks of being diapered my mom came into my room while I was at school and saw one of my wet diapers in my trash and her and my dad approached me and asked about it. I said I have been bedwetting again for the past month, so my parents caught me and agreed to help pay for my diapers till I was 18. After that I went to my family doctor and Urologist and they ruled my bedwetting to stress, deep sleep, I had more evaluation on it, but decided to not see the Doctors again. 13 years later I am still a bedwetter and now also a diaper lover.

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