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Thread: Anyone from iceland

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    Default Anyone from iceland

    I was wondering if theres anybody here from iceland

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    Actually I think there is a member here from Iceland. You just have to find him as I forgot who he is.

    Anyway, welcome! This looks like your first post? Can you please take a moment to introduce yourself? Here is a link to help you, if needed: Intro Guide.

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    There are at least two members from Iceland but it's not my place to answer for either one of them. Just stay around for awhile and you may hear from them.

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    Góšan daginn. Žaš eru enhverjir frį ķslandi. Ég er allavegana einn of žeim sem eru frį ķslandi og ég veit um 2 ašra sem hafa ekki komiš inn ķ 2 įr.

    Gaman aš kinnast žér.

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