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Thread: Sex Comic for 6 year olds, anyone?

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    Default Sex Comic for 6 year olds, anyone?

    You thought it might be a joke thread, but it's not.


    Sex comic for six-year-olds

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    *Pulls out Cestus, lion shaped iron boxing gloves the size of a t.v.* When i find out who approved that comic.

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    Parents aren't doing their job and keeping their children reined in. This is the case on both sides of the pond; locally, I understand that 1/4 of all girls here between 10-14 have gonorrhea. Hopefully parents (again, both sides of the pond) will reclaim their homes and rights through constructive, instructive discipline. If you have a child under 18, you should absolutely know where they are and what they're doing.

    Unfortunately, the Nanny State walks into private citizens' homes once their parenting breakdown becomes a larger social issue (STDs and rampant, on-the-dole pregnancy). Frankly, I think it a good use of taxpayer money to provide and enforce a dis-incentive to runaway use and abuse of public welfare. If someone gets pregnant at 14 and has a kid at 15 and then go on public welfare, that is something that could have been avoided.

    Hence, the Nanny State is quite right to put out sexual education. But not for six-year olds, that's in poor taste - unless I'm totally clued-out and six-year olds are having sex.

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    I think it's a great idea.
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    The article isn't doing a good job explaining what the comic is. The bulk of article is dedicated to myths concerning sex and how parents can talk to their teenagers. But notice this quote from the top of the article:

    "Let's Grow with Nisha and Joe contains cartoon-style pictures of a naked boy and girl to teach children about different parts of the body. "

    The comic is teaching kids about their bodies in the same way that a book will teach a twelve year old about puberty. I see nothing wrong with that. If you recall from the previous election, there were allegations that Obama voted to teach six year olds sex education. Like this comic book, Obama voted to allocated funds to a program to teach six year olds about their bodies and how to be safe, ie how to not be kidnapped and molested. Again, nothing wrong with this. These types of education are age-appropriate, and we are obligated to give unbiased information when children need it. This comic isn't a how-to manual. It's a biology text book for kindergartners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    ... locally, I understand that 1/4 of all girls here between 10-14 have gonorrhea....
    GTFO! you cannot be serious.

    Tell me this is a Friday the 13 prank, please.


    At what age do you draw the line on things like this? If i was a parent, I would view this state sanctioned comic as an invasion of my family, and my right to choose when and how to begin educating my kids on the biology of the opposite sex and the safety, or not, of being approached by others, etc.... Let kids be kids for the increasingly fewer years that they get the chance to, unencumbered by the invasive ministrations of a nanny state.

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    "The pamphlet, created by sexual health charity the FPA, could be shown to all school kids unless parents opt out."

    The line is wherever the parent says it is. Children grow at different rates, but at a certain point, say, arbitratily, age ten, withholding information is harmful. And personally, I've never understood why some regard the teaching of anatomy, which for a six year old extends no further than the proper names of things, to be dangerous. On the other hand, I think societies have a tendency, quite unintentional, to impart the idea that the words for those parts are "naughty" or shameful. A penis is a penis, a vagina is a vagina. So what? The book isn't teaching kids where babies come from. It's just teaching about parts.
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    Schools have always taught sex education, often with text books or other kinds of material. Sometimes this takes place in health class. I suppose this is yet another approach. Where should children learn, especially if parents are too embarrassed to do it, or don't have the time? Of course, age appropriateness may be the issue here. There is a time and place for all things. We teach sex education to some extent at my junior high school. We also have to teach them about statutory rape, because our inner city kids don't know what that is, but they certainly are having sex. Every year we send several girls to the alternative school for pregnant junior high girls.

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    My school started sex education in 5th grade (10 years old). They separated the boys and the girls, and told us about puberty. By 7th grade (12-13), they had told us how sex happens, and were teaching us about pregnancy.
    In 9th grade (14-16), they taught us about contraception, and reviewed the best ones for a teenager to use if needed so that the people who choose to have sex know how to be safe using methods healthy for their body at this age.

    Personally, my mom told me what sex was when I was nine, and I thought it was disgusting.

    That seems to have worked for me. Six does seem young.

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    I think this thread's already been done. <.>

    Anyway, that's ridiculous. And vaguely creepy. Six-year-olds don't need to know about this stuff yet. Not to this extent, anyway.

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