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  • Once a day

    3 8.33%
  • Multiple times a week

    3 8.33%
  • Once a week

    6 16.67%
  • Multiple times a month

    5 13.89%
  • Once a month

    2 5.56%
  • Multiple times a year

    9 25.00%
  • Once a year

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  • Whenever I can travel there

    3 8.33%
  • Pretty much just phone calls

    2 5.56%
  • We don't really associate

    3 8.33%
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Thread: How often do you hang out with your parents after you have moved out?

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    Default How often do you hang out with your parents after you have moved out?

    I'm curious about this, I always feel guilty because I don't do that much with my parents anymore, my interests and lifestyles have changed enough that sometimes it is hard to relate with them. I still go most Sundays to their house though and have dinner with them, which I feel like is a lot. What is the normal probably, especially when you live close to them?

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    Well i still live with my parents but when I move out I'd think probably every day for the first bit and then maybe every few days or every week. I've always been really attached to my parents even though I often don't feel they love me that much but I still get upset when they leave for extended periods of time.

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    I'm in a strange relationship with my parents. My mother and I aren't on speaking terms so we never associate. My father and I run a business together so if we go more than about 8 hours without talking something is wrong. Even then, we don't really do or talk about 'family stuff'. I also live with him but were closer to roommates than anything and have our own separate spaces and share expenses and the like.

    It's kind of strange but 'hanging out with my father' fits into both categories of 'Once a day' and 'We don't really associate'.

    Edit: I guess I was tired when I wrote this and didn't see "after you moved out" tagged on the end. anyhow, I don't think my response would have changed much.
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    I am estranged from my parents. I have not spoken to them since November of 2013 and I probably will never speak to them again in this lifetime.

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    Feeling guilty is normal. Normal sounds like kind of a stupid thing to be. I don't feel overly overly guilty about not seeing my parents a lot before they died, but I do regret some of the conversations that never happened. I have the old photo album from before I was born (yeah, they had cameras back then), but no one to provide the story behind the images.

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    I guess it's kinda age dependent, besides that every parent-child relationship is different so as often as it's acceptable to all the parties concerned, I'd say.
    No need to feel guilty for just being different and not exactly finding something to spend time with together. Visiting once a week is pretty often. As long as you're fine with that, it's okay.

    In general, when you typically moved out as a late teen, or even in your twenties it's probably pretty normal to visit them once a week. Whereas I think if you're getting older and try to start your own family, or have one and are kinda busy anyway, then it may cut down to the typical birthdays, easter, xmas and so on. So several times a year, except some surprise visits.
    If there is no problem that may keep you from seeing them, whether it's being terribly busy, living a big distance apart, or actually having a serious reason to avoid them.

    As far as our typical western culture works.
    In other cultures, such as Italian, it’s normal for extended families to live under one roof anyway. They’ve done it for centuries and they’ve kind of keep this tradition. Since it can work obviously.

    As long as both sides feel fine, so not overrun and annoyed or ignored if it's the other way around or keeping someone away from their own family/friends it's pretty much okay.

    I usually tend to visit my mother once a week. Otherwise I couldn't taste her wonderful cakes and pies... or I'd need to bake them by myself... Well no, then I rather visit her. The cake is worth it. :)

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    Varies... sometimes I go several weeks, sometimes I see them every day for a week... depends on what's going on and such. I'm on good terms with my family, we go out to dinner/lunch a lot and we're big into watching movies/TV together. My mothers got bad knees/arthritis and such so my sister and I take turns mowing the lawn in summer/shovelling the driveway during winter and just general household stuff, so that also gets me over there quite frequently as well.

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    I moved across the country from my parents. We talk on the phone every few weeks. I've seen them in person maybe once a year for the past few years.

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    My parents are deceased.
    Mom in 2008.
    Dad in 2011.
    Being profoundly mentally-ill for decades, my Mom and I had a stormy relationship with each other.
    Not so with my Dad. Dad and I got along well with each other.

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    My parents are deceased as well, so I'll turn it around and say my wife and I probably see two of our kids once a month. The whole family is coming to our house this weekend to celebrates my wife's mother's birthday. She will be 94, and she's quite remarkable considering she flew from Florida to Virginia to be with us for a couple of weeks. Our other son and family lives a couple miles from us so we see them often.

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