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    Default Confused about Abena

    Is the plastic backed abena's discontinued or not? I've seen them advertised on many websites such as XP Med and ABDL Factory, but I thought they went cloth backed? if they are still going, whats a good retailer to buy them in the UK with fast shipping?


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    Not available in the UK. They did continue production in the USA

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    They are only making the plastic backed ones for the US market if I remember right.

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    The Plastic ones are made in L-4 and M-4 models only the rest have gone to a cloth like material.

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    oh good still plastic backed in the US I would be disappointed with cloth.

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    Hi ya ablewis123! As you can see, we give a lot of good advice here as we support each other in any way we can. We also like to get to know each other a little bit. Can you please start another thread in the intro area? Here's a guide to get you started if you need one: Introduction

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    From Belgium, I usually order some packs of abena abri form M4 on a German website: The shipping take a few days but it's the nearest I can find.
    You can also find them on But it's a French websites.

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