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Thread: Best/Worse Presidents in the 20th. Century.

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    Default Best/Worse Presidents in the 20th. Century.

    This question has come up in my American History class and my history teacher wants us to write an essay on "Who were the five best or worse (our choice) U.S. Presidents in the 20th. Century (1900 through 2000).

    George W. Bush doesn't count because he is 21st. century president.

    Maybe y'all can help me with my essay. You can list your reasons for your choice if y'all want too.


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    Nixon...Watergate scandal.

    Pierce...He is the 'cause of the civil war' (not literally)

    Lyndon B. Johnson was also an arse and did not help in the fight of equal rights among African Americans but fought against it.

    Are you only looking to do the worst or do you want to also consider doing the best?


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    I'm like undecided. I have 2 weeks to do it. I am leaning towards doing the best.

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    Once again, this is only an oppinion. So please keep it civil...


    Bill Clinton (5.3 Trillion deficit, sex scandal)
    Jimmy Carter (weak president)
    George W. Bush (the unconstitutional Patriot Act)


    Theodore Roosevelt (strong leader, exemplifies American values)
    Harry Truman (had the courage to drop the Atom bomb to save 1,000,000 GI's)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkio View Post
    5.3 Trillion deficit
    VERY interested to know where you got that information, for obvious reasons.

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    I will also keep this civil and the worst presidents since I was born back in 1958 are as follows. 1. Jimmy Carter 2. Bill Clinton. The best was the great Ronald Regan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubledbbw View Post
    The best was the great Ronald Regan.
    Woohoo! Reagan fan. *hugs*

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    I'd say Paul von Hindenburg was one of the worst Presidents, and whoever makes the picks for President's Choice is one of the best. That's damn good food.

    Oh you meant US Presidents?

    Well #1 is FDR. Not only was he elected twice as many times as any other president, but he created much of the regulatory structure that keeps the modern financial market running smoothly... or used to. Unfortunately, most were slowly eroded (the SEC), underfunded (Social Security) or outright repealed (the Glass-Steagall Act) by the successive Presidents Regan, Bush Sr and Clinton. The Glass-Steagall Act is particularly interesting, because immediately after it was finally and fully repealed in 1999, American banks were enabled to create their exotic asset backed securities that created the credit crisis. The erosion of the one Act is likely the one single strongest cause of our current economic maliase. If FDR's pricipals had not be ground to dust through the 80s and 90s, we would not be in the mess. Some griding was necessary, to free up the economy for greater growth, but it went too far.

    The worst President imho is Bush Sr. I do not blame Regan for the current crisis. I believe that many of regulations built up since FDR did go too far, and there is a certain but limited truth to supply-side economics. I think Regan was right to curtail regulation, though the momentum of that went too far. Therefore, I blame Bush Sr for not willingly stepping back, and only doing so when forced to by the Democrats. On top of that, if he had never been President, there is little doubt that neither would have Bush Jr.

    One other thing, I think these kinds of evaluations are non-sense. If I were to say who were the two most important Presidents, it would be FDR and Regan bar none. Both of them reshaped America tremendously. Much of what they did was good, and much of it was bad. After FDR was gone, the following Presidents cut the bad from FDR's policies, culminating with Regan's changes. If anyone is to blame for our current problems, it's the Presidents following Regan who did not correct his bad policies. Instead, Clinton and especially Bush Jr took America's greatness for granted, and they let their pet projects and special interests take first priority.

    Lastly, for my fundamentalist Conservative friends, here's who I think is the best/worst for their personality and physical appearance, while ignoring the effects of their policies:
    Best: Regan, a genuine nice guy. Though FDR is an inspiration to all disabled people.
    Worst: Carter, he looks kind of retarded, and his Presidency is full of moments ineffectiveness, failure and generally seeming to be on another planet (mentally).
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    FDR got us through the Depression and brought about some economic programs such as food stamps, welfare, social security, etc., so depending on how you feel about that he could be in the best or the worst. Plus, he got re-elected, what, like three times, before he finally just died. We had to impose term limits because of him.

    I'm no economist, but the story I've always heard is Clinton left us in good financial shape. Bush screwed that up. I'm not sure that a sex scandal is enough to make someone one of the century's worst presidents. I wonder how many previous presidents have had mistresses, and how many of them would have gotten the same publicity had we lived in the 24/7 news cycle that we do today.

    I've also never heard anything but good things about Teddy Roosevelt. He was a conservationist and a lover of the outdoors, which might have set a good example for Americans today.

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