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Thread: God of War 3 "Epic Scale" Trailer *Warning VERY gory*

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    OH MY GOD!! I need it! My favorite game of my lifetime. I beat both like 5 times over and it still stands my most prized video game. I can't wait. Is there a date on it's arrival?


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    I believe some time in late 09 or mid '10. also, i have read there will be NO LOADING TIMES!

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    No loading times? That's suspicious... But honestly I have been waiting for GoW3 since the arrival of 2 lol and when they came out with the PSP one I was really disappointed. Hope they have a really cool story line with more of the Gods.


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    Well This IS the 2nd Great War, God Boss fights are assured, especially Hades. I like him best for some reason.

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    No loading times means the game will need [like it has been done to previous games] to be installed in the PS3, taking away precious HDD space :/ (uncool)

    Edit: The trailer seems nice btw

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    I've seen someone play god of war I and the begining of II and it looked amazing. unfortunetly, I've stuck with the nintendo systems instead of geting a playstation of xbox. At least I still have my Link.

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    The Ps2 could barely run God of War 2 without lag, pushing the ps2 with this would make it explode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triforceformer View Post
    The Ps2 could barely run God of War 2 without lag, pushing the ps2 with this would make it explode.
    Yeah, the load times in GOW 2 sucked, but it is an excellent game and I want more.

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