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Thread: Diaper Art website?

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    Question Diaper Art website?

    I've been thinking about this for a sec. As of right now we do not have a official diapered artwork website.

    Issues with Current sites: (I might have missed one)
    1: diapered anime - Not as popular no more and outdated gallery

    2: Deviantart - Our art gets taken down by mods, and not centered around diapers and diaper haters

    3: Furaffinty - Interface needs more features and not centered around diapers and diaper haters

    4:Cusheypen - Subscription and as far as I know not easy to upload content too unless you join the artist submission stuff

    Do you think I should make a diapered art website?

    Issues with Making website:
    1: Hard to get population unless artist are joining
    2: Need to find a cheap good database that has large enough memory(I actually might have one for less than 100 bucks a month)

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    If such a site existed, I would join for sure Especially if it works similar to Inkbunny!

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